Traducción de nametape en Español:


etiqueta con el nombre, n.

Pronunciación /ˈneɪmteɪp//ˈneɪmteɪp/


  • 1

    (para coser en la ropa) etiqueta con el nombre femenino
    • None of them wore name tapes on the uniform, none wore rank insignia.
    • And so I pontificated for six weeks until, precisely 12 hours before the Munchkin was due to skip merrily through the school gates, I found myself furiously ironing name tapes into the back of gym shorts.
    • Our military leaders couldn't decide whether name tapes should be sewn straight across the jungle fatigue shirt or slanted over the pockets.
    • The Cold War saw starched olive green - 107 fatigues, with name tapes and US ARMY added by 1954.
    • No need to play it, just watch it - it's brilliant for passing the hours when, in the middle of your life, you find that you have a lot of name tapes to sew on.