Traducción de narcotic en Español:


estupefaciente, n.

Pronunciación /nɑrˈkɑdɪk//nɑːˈkɒtɪk/


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    estupefaciente masculino
    narcótico masculino
    before noun narcotics squad brigada de estupefacientes femenino
    • narcotics user toxicómana
    • He was then charged with using illegal narcotics and causing a disturbance.
    • Opium and other narcotic addictions were rampant among the upper classes.
    • The second industry that relies on moving around big cash payments is the international narcotics trade.
    • Cooperation between the expanding network of narcotics traffickers and terrorism is now increasingly possible.
    • Most illicit narcotics seized at our borders are amphetamines and Ecstasy.
    • The fact that Cannabis is a mild narcotic is circumstantial; the way it reaches people and who it reaches is the problem.
    • Buprenorphine is a daily oral medication that effectively blocks the action of heroin and other narcotics.
    • The international narcotics trafficking problem is an order of magnitude more important that international terrorism.
    • Alcoholism and narcotic addiction is rife throughout the country, as hope inevitably gives way to despair.
    • Federal law supersedes state law, and the government refuses to budge in classifying marijuana as a dangerous, illegal narcotic - and a gateway to harder drugs - with no medical value.
    • And they happily spent millions on promoting the idea that cannabis was an extremely dangerous, addictive narcotic, that would kill, or drive users insane.
    • Their coca leaves contain only trace amounts of the illicit narcotic.
    • The landlords were shown mock-up samples of narcotics ranging from cannabis and ecstasy to heroin and crack cocaine.
    • According to experts, profits from human trafficking now exceed those of the narcotics trade.
    • His government was notorious for human rights abuses, narcotics trafficking, and economic mismanagement.
    • But the US and Peruvian governments believe farmers are being manipulated by narcotics traffickers.
    • Narcotics are usually smuggled by single persons or group of people, that are not linked to one another.
    • However, the synthetic narcotic is itself highly addictive.
    • Money from the illegal narcotics trade plays a crucial role in the national economy and in keeping the regime solvent.
    • Then she could relish in the fact that she's the world greatest undercover narcotics officer.


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