Traducción de narrate en Español:


narrar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈnɛrˌeɪt//nəˈreɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1formal

    (events/story) narrar
    (events/story) relatar
    • And then you would hear a voice begin to narrate the story.
    • Yet what marks her most is that this former slave woman character narrates her story to her children and ensures that it is passed down.
    • There were tears of gratitude in her eyes as she narrated her experience.
    • Asked how things are, she answers by narrating her life story.
    • He narrated how his wife disappeared for more than an hour from the prayer session.
    • I think this is because of the difficulties inherent in the narrative, namely it's difficult to follow the golden rule of writing (Show Don't Tell) when your main character is narrating the story.
    • He narrates how he fanatically read, trained and thought of it all his waking hours.
    • She uses the first person because she's narrating the story.
    • Barely three months later in New York, while narrating the story to a group of friends, did I discover that I had been fleeced again.
    • And somehow, even though we know Joe gets out alive (he's narrating the story after all) we're on the edge of our seat wondering if he does make it.
    • Andrews narrates a passionate account of one of the most controversial affairs in American history.
    • There is no action on the stage, the events being narrated in blank verse.
    • It is an intelligent, enlightening account of disputes, narrating the advance and progress of medicine.
    • While there are a lot of opportunities for quiet reflection, meditation, narrating one's life stories and listening to those of others, this is by no means any religious cult or group.
    • I shall narrate a trivial incident which presaged the shape of things to come.
    • Along with other guests, she too will speak and narrate her experiences.
    • They are also narrated in the present tense, but in an iterative present.
    • It was also an interdenominational event and readers from both church communities narrated the passion story.
    • Sometimes, stark images can speak for themselves and even narrate untold stories.
    • The story is narrated in flashback by Louis, in a letter written from his prison cell.
  • 2

    (film/documentary) hacer el comentario de
    (film/documentary) hacer de comentarista
    • Short of the director himself, there is nobody else you would want narrating this commentary track.
    • The film is narrated collectively by a group of neighborhood boys, now older, who idolized and idealized the five girls.
    • The miniature megastar is to narrate a film about life on the International Space Station.
    • In the same year Reeve narrated a film about the lives of people living with disabilities.
    • The series is narrated by the Welsh journalist and will be shown on Sundays at 7.30.
    • The director then narrates a location map feature, giving background information about the homes and places used in the film.
    • In fact, he narrates the film and is the only person, aside from the children and their families who appears in film.
    • Sadly, this monosyllabically narrated featurette adds nothing to one's insight of the film.
    • The woman narrating the piece said that women were not safe anywhere, that there was little even the police could do about it, and crimes against women were rising.
    • The local television presenter narrates this programme, which includes poetry and music linked to the county.
    • Although he continued to write and narrate the films, he was no longer calling the shots in the editing room or with corporate sponsors.
    • Since making the film, I've narrated a documentary about tigers, which is a way of helping, because it sheds light on the plight of the animals.
    • The journalist and broadcaster narrates a personal history of his adopted home.
    • The heroine, Anna, is played by a singer and a dancer, the former narrating Anna's story as she travels around America in search of money to build a home for her family.
    • The filmmaker narrates the film himself, telling us of his contemplation of mortality while on his Saharan trek.
    • The film is narrated by the laconic narrator that Disney used a lot then.
    • Several times in the film he narrates in this manner.
    • The director narrates the film as though she is making a home movie, and ultimately that's what she has accomplished.
    • Each tape is well organized and beautifully narrated in language that should be easy for most listeners to understand.
    • Well, we have trailers here, including the teaser and television spots narrated by Orson Welles.