Traducción de natural en español:


innato, adj.

Pronunciación: /ˈnatʃ(ə)r(ə)l//ˈnætʃ(ə)rəl/


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    • 1.1(innate)

      (talent/propensity) innato
      natural to sb/sth
      • the curiosity natural to a cat la curiosidad que le es natural a un gato
      • Yes, Manoj did have this natural flair for creating energy and pace!
      • Discovering you have a natural talent or aptitude for something feels good.
      • It's shocking that he hasn't written musicals before because he's a natural librettist.
      • They hide our real thoughts and intentions and subdue our natural belligerence.
      • The owner has used his natural talent and skills to develop a well-trained group of people.
      • For each one it takes a certain amount of natural ability, but it also takes devotion, time, and commitment.
      • He has a natural aptitude for computation and is very quick at figure work.
      • She knew what ingredients went into several spells, but didn't have the natural talent that enabled her to perform magic.
      • He knew that he could do any theoretical question by using his proven natural talent and intuitive understanding of the subject.
      • The nature of men is described as often having a natural depravity that is hidden inside respectability.
      • Finney was the more rounded player, a natural predator who regarded the pitch as a happy hunting ground and revelled in his natural ability to score goals.
      • Lara has got tons of natural ability and is always looking to play shots.
      • Take a look at what you have to offer, your skills, your natural talents and in what situations you perform at your best.
      • The academy selects its students on the basis of natural talent, dedication and the capacity for hard work.
      • Reaching great heights does not depend upon our natural talents and capabilities.
      • His strength is possessing skills and natural ability that no modern-era quarterback can match.
      • He had natural ability then and could always score goals.
      • Only the reflexes and natural ability that years of practice had given him was keeping him close.
      • His natural confidence is allied with a realistic caution about his progress.
      • He discovered a natural flair and talent for the work.
      • He is thrilled by the skills and enjoys the challenges associated with harnessing the natural talent and ensuring it continues to develop.
      • Of course, that little fact obviously doesn't get rid of their natural arrogance.
      • Of course, in your natural arrogance, you believe everything is essential.
      • There is no doubt that the Jamaican players have an abundance of natural ability, but in today's game that is not enough.
      • Agreed - a certain amount of natural skill is required - but that skill needs to be properly nurtured.
      • There are many players who have better games than Henman, thanks to their innate natural talent.

    • 1.2(born)

      (leader/troublemaker) nato
      (troublemaker/leader) por naturaleza
      • For his part, Green insists he is not a natural writer.
      • From the age of two, when he started using a pack of cards to learn how to count, it was clear Shivam would make a natural card player.
      • A natural athlete she gravitated to basketball as an outlet for her skills.
      • He's also a former soldier and a natural leader.
      • And as a natural rebel, she was once suspended for three months for hurling obscenities at her coaches.
      • The 23-year-old man is a natural athlete, who can both beat players and take his scores.
      • He makes me laugh so often, he must be a natural comedian!
      • He viewed him as a natural leader who would rise in the military hierarchy.
      • He was also a brilliant firefighter, a natural athlete and big into sport, they even did a big article on him in Sports Illustrated.
      • But Stewart for his part never cared for the praise of his friend Henry Fonda that he was a natural actor.
      • His excellent interpersonal skills and outstanding intellect make him a natural leader.
      • Then today, a piece from Dell, with the warning that she's ‘not a natural writer’.
      • He is a man of strong, well-informed opinions - an obvious, natural scholar.
      • You're a natural leader and quick, logical decision maker.
      • Johnny Cash was an American icon, a man who stood apart, a natural leader.
      • He is not, he admits, a natural teacher, and for him, having to stick with a single subject would have resulted in crushing boredom.
      • I'd always been a natural writer and, by the time I was 18, I had my own column.
      • With tennis you need a certain amount of technique - a natural sportsman wouldn't necessarily beat you.
      • He was, by his own admission, far from a natural leader.
      • A country of politicians, natural leaders, would-be prophets or gods would be very difficult to govern.
      • They are natural thieves, and quick to boot, so remember to keep your bag closed and your pockets out of reach.
      • Mick who was one of life's natural gentlemen, was a singer and a comedian.
      • He was the natural leader on the field and his performance in the final did a lot to inspire his team mates to victory.
      • Montrose was charming and gallant, a superb natural soldier with a rare ability to get the best out of his tiny army of ill-equipped Highlanders.

    • 1.3(expected, logical)

      (reaction/response) natural
      (response/reaction) normal
      (successor) lógico
      it's the natural thing to ask es normal / natural que se haga esa pregunta
      • she's the natural choice for the job lo natural es que le ofrezcan el puesto a ella
      • it is natural that es natural que
      • it's natural to + inf
      • it's only natural that he should want to see them es natural / normal que los quiera ver
      • it's natural for a cat to do that es natural / normal que un gato haga eso
      • The message you hear is pre-recorded and of course your natural reaction is to put the phone down.
      • Even if McLeish claims otherwise, it would be entirely natural for him to prioritise the Champions League over the Premierleague.
      • The large outer office looked bare and empty, but under the circumstances that was natural.
      • Pangs of conscience are, of course, a natural reaction to the taking of an innocent life.
      • Perhaps it is natural for them to expect some kind of reward from the organisation.
      • If we consider how electronic music developed, this is perfectly natural.
      • Of course the natural tendency is to ignore them and keep on doing the same thing I've been doing.
      • Your natural reactions to circumstances encourage success and the healthy growth of your ego and self-esteem.
      • Under such circumstances, it is natural for the public to resort to other means to get justice.
      • While the communities may feel a natural attachment for their surrounds, they legally have no claim to them.
      • It is entirely natural for Indians to take pride in the successes of their erstwhile compatriots abroad.
      • This achievement was not the result of policies imposed from above, but the natural outcome of a good educational system.
      • Boasting about how swimmingly this was going, and how much upstream clout he has, is entirely natural.
      • For him to want to continue a relationship with his child is perfectly natural.
      • In the world of stiff competition, it is natural for the parents to force their children to excel in what they do.
      • Of course, it's natural that we should feel like that.

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    • 2.1archaic (illegitimate)

      bastardo arcaico
      • Fathers also had legal obligations to provide for their natural children.
      • He had had her legitimised as his natural daughter.

    • 2.2(related by blood)

      (child/parent) biológico
      • Does the child not have a right to inherit from its natural parent?
      • They were taken from their natural parents and put in foster care, and some were even adopted.
      • The parents still believe the children have a close attachment to their natural parents and extended family network.
      • The same patterns can be seen in people who were raised by one or both of their natural parents, or by their grandparents.
      • The children concerned may have no contact with their parents or natural family.
      • The right time to consider what kind of contact natural parents are to have to children being adopted is on the occasion adoption is under consideration.
      • Thus, the parents with higher intelligence test scores tended to have natural children with higher intelligence test scores.
      • Bernie said a lot of natural parents - mostly mothers - also wanted access to the files to see that they were accurate.
      • How can I stop my parents obviously favouring their natural grandchildren?
      • Hielema has a brother who was also adopted and a sister who was a natural child of the parents who raised him.
      • Due to my natural mum having psychological problems I was put into care when I was just a few days old.
      • She says she understands why adopted children are given the information to trace their natural parents
      • The second factor is mobility: children move, for example, between foster parents and natural parents.
      • When his natural parents split up, the mother's new partner assaulted her and her son.
      • The best person to bring up a child is the natural parent.
      • The fact that the mother is the natural parent of all five children is, of course, a significant factor to take into account.
      • A lower court ruled that because she was not a natural parent of the children, they were not her responsibility.
      • It says that it is a dynamic group aiming to enforce the rights of children to see their natural parents and grandparents.

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    (not forced)
    (style/warmth/enthusiasm) natural
  • 5

    (as in nature)
    (state/fiber/law/phenomenon/remedy) natural
    these animals are natural enemies estos animales son enemigos por naturaleza
    • I'm a natural blonde soy rubia natural
    • death from natural causes muerte natural / por causas naturales
    • for the rest of your natural life (por) el resto de tus días


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    to be a natural tener un talento innato
    • the new policy is a natural for the Opposition's attacks la nueva política es el blanco perfecto para los ataques de la oposición
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    nota natural femenino
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    becuadro masculino


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    act natural disimula