Traducción de natural language en Español:

natural language

lenguaje natural, n.


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    lenguaje natural masculino
    before noun natural language processing procesamiento del lenguaje natural masculino
    • And, since natural languages like English are semantically closed, Tarski's theory also has the weakness of applying only to artificial languages.
    • If this holds for computer programming languages, it surely holds much more for natural languages.
    • Yet polysemy is endemic to natural languages, as a detailed analysis of just about any word will confirm.
    • In real natural languages, looking at a larger quantity of data generally makes it clearer what the grammatical principles are.
    • However as humans we make many mistakes when programming, especially given that we have to use a programming language to do the job and most programming languages differ drastically from natural languages.
    • But linguistics and natural language processing have not been feeding into the word processor industry at all.
    • Just like real words in natural languages, they can be given different emotional connotations by their contexts.
    • What brains do when they process sentences of a natural language is to some extent independent of the language.
    • I'd want to see a lot of very detailed argument before I would be prepared to believe that there is a natural language with no nouns or verbs.
    • From another angle, the problem of meaning has involved questions about the mechanism of reference and the semantics of various terms in natural languages.
    • Nothing written in a natural language is unambiguous.
    • Understanding natural language allows computers to facilitate human problem solving and decision making.
    • Of course, natural languages are examples of symbol systems, but there are many other, non-linguistic systems: pictorial, gestural, diagrammatic, etc.
    • I'm not sure if there are any natural languages that don't use verbs, nouns, or adjectives, but as far as artificial ones go, it's not hard to eliminate one of them.
    • Semantic analysis of blogs represents the next challenge in the quest for understanding natural language.
    • Every normal human being acquires a natural language and that language is extraordinarily similar to that of the surrounding group.