Traducción de naturist en Español:


naturista, n.

Pronunciación /ˈneɪtʃ(ə)rɪst//ˈneɪtʃərəst/



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    naturista femenino
    before noun naturist beach playa naturista / nudista femenino
    • I have attended swimming sessions of two naturist clubs, albeit using facilities at Haddington, some distance from the city.
    • The only neighbor is a naturist camping place that is situated in the next bay.
    • Ireland, the only country in Europe which still bans nude bathing, is facing a mass campaign by naturists for a change in the law.
    • From Devon to the Isle of Arran, the naturists have their pick.
    • Scottish naturists, like their fellow hobbyists in England, are often forced to go abroad in search of suitable locations.
    • The only way to reach the site is over a scenic rocky outcrop that just happens to be a favourite spot for German naturists.
    • The couple believe they are the first to host nude dinners in Scotland, though there are naturist guesthouses in the Borders and Glasgow.
    • The practice, known as "boots-only hiking", is becoming increasingly popular in the south and the Lake District but naturists have never been seen wandering the Dales before.
    • British naturists are doing a charity swim in Loch Ness in Scotland to raise funds for cancer research.
    • German naturists are often office workers who enjoy healthy sunshine.
    • But at weekends he travels to Leeds - to swim in the nude with a naturist club.
    • I also think the human body is beautiful and love just letting it all hanging out, I could live in a naturist colony for sure.
    • Playa des Cavallett (south of the airport in Ibiza) and Playa de las Salinas are both popular gay haunts and Playa des Cavallett is also an official naturist beach.
    • There appear to be very few rules at the naturist club.
    • On a more mundane level, increasing numbers of naturists are enjoying a naked swim during closed sessions in baths all over Scotland.
    • Meanwhile, I have also attended naturist sessions in Glasgow, within the city limits.
    • Then, the next year, we came across a naturist beach on holiday in England by looking for a beach where we could take our dog.
    • Maybe they were naturists and believed it their right to expose themselves in public.
    • The material was legitimately available in Germany and in his view contained pictures of general naturist interest.
    • Naturists make an awful lot of fuss about the fact that we were all born naked to justify their peculiar inclination to carry on being naked.