Traducción de ne'er-do-well en Español:


tarambana, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɛːduːwɛl//ˈnɛrdəˌwɛl/


  • 1

    tarambana femenino
    zascandil masculino anticuado
    • The fox hunts could be brought into the cities: instead of hunting foxes, they could set the hounds onto local ne'er-do-wells.
    • In scenes more normally associated with ne'er-do-wells arriving at courtrooms, the couple were ushered unceremoniously out of vehicles by muscular security staff in through a back entrance of the registry office.
    • As ever with this kind of thing, there was no word from the man himself, as he's a bit busy saving the western world from ne'er-do-wells.
    • Hold on, there's more: the structure also must be portable, collapsible and secure enough to prevent ne'er-do-wells from waltzing off with the art.
    • Using a procedure they will not make public so as not to give the game away to local ne'er-do-wells, they then freed the red-faced guard from the rear section of the van.
    • I've known hordes of political plotters and ne'er-do-wells in my day and none of them would dream of putting their treason down on paper, far less sending it to a journalist.
    • The quickest way to notify ne'er-do-wells that you're a stupid tourist is to unravel a sail-sized map right in the middle of 42nd and Broadway.
    • As if these strangely-dressed ne'er-do-wells were not frightening enough, it was discovered that five of the teddy boys pictured were from the royal borough.
    • He has to wait until his Rage meter is built up before he can unsheathe his mighty weapon and hack vampires and other ne'er-do-wells to bits.
    • Where late-night casinos may still be considered by many as a hang-out for vice-ridden ne'er-do-wells, the online community can enjoy a game without the dodgy characters or stench of ashtrays.
    • I hope my labours (and, okay, those of the musicians) are enjoyed by the ne'er-do-wells.
    • As folks enter the bars, they are now obliged to present an official piece of government-issued ID, which is then scanned into the system, cross-referenced with a list of known ne'er-do-wells and stored for infinity.
    • The leader of the quorum-calling ne'er-do-wells happened to be on the board the year that quorum was changed to 500 students.
    • And yet the offence these ne'er-do-wells give is as nothing compared with the harm caused by a vicious canker that is now gnawing at the heart of this sceptred isle, this England.
    • Due to not having studied law, I move in the wrong circles and only meet artsy ne'er-do-wells rather than successful go-getting men.
    • Having chosen the estate in question as the perfect location for a comedy drama about a family of petty criminals and ne'er-do-wells, perhaps they should not have been surprised that some of the local kids turned out to be a bit lively.
    • This latter activity comes courtesy of a controversial religious camp for rascally teen ne'er-do-wells.
    • These ne'er-do-wells get it right from the word go, with songs pegged in the red, tempos that threaten to burst their seams at each turn and a vocal snarl reminiscent of Norway's Sweatmaster.
    • There's punch ups everywhere as the country's titled elite and public schoolboys take on the invading punks, anarchists and ne'er-do-wells in a battle for dominance.
    • I just hoped he had left a memory behind that would help me get a tag on his meteoric career and give a hint about what lies in store for bad guys and ne'er-do-wells of North Yorkshire.