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Neanderthal, adj.

Pronunciación /niˈændərθɔl//nɪˈandətɑːl/


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    Neanderthal man hombre de Neanderthal masculino
    • Environmental evidence suggests the site was once a series of ponds used as a watering place, although it is unclear whether the mammoths died of natural causes and were later scavenged, or were killed by Neanderthal hunters.
    • Also, human living spaces appear to be partitioned according to function while Neanderthal settlements are unorganized.
    • But in Neanderthal society, things are done differently.
    • He has fought with beasts in the Neanderthal era, with infidels in the Crusades, with demons in his mind, and finally, with men in the twentieth century.
    • They could also tolerate a high-protein meat diet, as indicated by stable isotope analysis of Neanderthal bones.
    • Researchers at York University have made it possible for an international team to extract and sequence protein from a 75,000-year-old Neanderthal fossil discovered in Shanidar Cave in Iraq.
    • The Neanderthal specimen, known as Mezmaiskaya Child, that Goodwin used to prove the existence of the missing link was around 29,000 years old and came from the northern caucuses.
    • The company has invested the money to move a sewage treatment works away from Creswell Crags - the most northerly place on earth to be occupied by Neanderthal hunters during the last Ice Age.
    • Even their Neanderthal cousins and the Cro-Magnon humans (the Aurignacians) did not appear until some 230 000 years ago.
    • One of a Neanderthal baby's first words was probably ‘papa’, concludes one of the most comprehensive attempts to date to make out what the first human language was like.
    • In my reality, people have evolved from the Neanderthal age, where we had to kill to survive.
    • After examining a fairly well preserved Neanderthal skeleton, he concluded that it belonged to an ape-like creature that was barely capable of standing upright.
    • In fact even Neanderthal fossils have been found at this site and at other locations nearby.
    • Mithen's work coincides with the first detailed study of a reconstructed Neanderthal skeleton.
    • The Neanderthal people were roaming hunter-gatherers rather than village-dwellers.
    • He believes that we all still carry Neanderthal genes because, contrary to traditional belief, the three waves of human expansion out of Africa did not replace one another but interbred and merged culturally and genetically.
    • Arsuaga co-directs the largest Neanderthal dig in the world, at the Sierra de Atapuerca in Spain where a new species, Homo antecessor, was also discovered.
    • A digger uncovered what could be Britain's best-preserved Neanderthal butchery site, which included the remains of mammoths and other ancient beasts as well as hand axes used by early humans.
    • Man has been building bridges since the first rotten tree fell across a stream and set in motion the Neanderthal brain cells.
    • She was a respected archaeologist who discovered the Tabun skull, one of the most famous Neanderthal skulls, and became most famous for her work popularising the science.