Traducción de near-death experience en Español:

near-death experience

Pronunciación ///ˈnɪ(ə)r dɛθ ɪkˈspɪriəns/


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    experiencia cercana a la muerte femenino
    • The mathematical study of vision is also helping to explain near-death experiences.
    • By plying patients who claim to have had near-death experiences with leading questions and affirmations, Mandrake has made a sort of cottage industry of pop-psychology books and lectures on NDEs.
    • For some people, a near-death experience prompts a serious rethink.
    • They are similar to the people who have near-death experiences of going down the dark tunnel to the bright light, or who see Jesus beckoning to them.
    • If near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences don't come from the brain, where is consciousness based?
    • And what we know about near-death experiences is that there are certain core experiences, but it doesn't mean that everybody will have every single experience.
    • What often passes off as extrasensory perception, past-life memories and near-death experiences could well be fantasy, delusion or downright fraud.
    • I am fascinated by near-death experiences, because of the glimpses they give us of what lies beyond death.
    • Even a New Yorker knows that there has to be some message from the universe in a near-death experience.
    • Furthermore, it needs to be pointed out that a near-death experience is not an experience of death.
    • She admits that the only thing she ever did sober was rehearse, and she gave up drinking only after a near-death experience in a diabetic coma.
    • Yet when we asked people when their near-death experiences occurred, they said it was during unconsciousness.
    • Kerry Packer famously had a near-death experience and claimed there was absolutely nothing there.
    • The chapter on death deals with out-of-body and near-death experiences, and past-life experiences and regression.