Traducción de nearness en Español:


cercanía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɪrnəs//ˈnɪənəs/


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    cercanía femenino
    proximidad femenino
    • He points to the nearness of hiking trails and the range of activities as a hidden strength.
    • His big hand on mine, all I could concentrate on was the heat radiating from him, his nearness warming not just my flesh, but my soul.
    • As for Varanasi, the constant nearness of death seems to have affected the pace of life here.
    • Outsiders envy our nearness to the lake and the life's-a-holiday vibe, even as they see it as a distant outpost, some eastern outpost of the moon.
    • Residents claim the location is unsuitable because of its isolation, its nearness to the Leeds-Liverpool canal and a lack of public transport.
    • Defined always by the nearness of Mexico to its borders, the town of Roswell participates in this fear and fantasy.
    • It's gotten to the stage where I'm completely engrossed and starting to regret the nearness of the final page.
    • But like many town centres, it has suffered because of its nearness to thriving Manchester city centre and the Trafford Centre.
    • There's no sense of a spatial void needing to be filled - no sense of that odd, claustrophobic nearness that can come from silence.
    • I actually like club hopping, and the nearness of the other club in the place meant that I was back and forth between them a lot.
    • His nearness in itself was unnerving, the warm heat radiating from his body…
    • The nearness of the election has worked very well for him.
    • It came down within a few feet of the ground - as far down as possible, considering the nearness of the house and the limited space.
    • Snow, says Kenny, is common here, despite the nearness of the coast.
    • But when I worked I felt him behind me, his breath stirring my hair, and his nearness sending chills down my spine.