Traducción de needle valve en Español:

needle valve

válvula de aguja, n.


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    válvula de aguja femenino
    • In this case, you opened up the valve near the gas cylinder just a crack, and then opened up the needle valve near the balloon a lot.
    • Chamber [CO 2] was maintained by supplying pure CO 2 from a compressed gas cylinder through a system that includes a pressure regulator, solenoid and needle valves, and a calibrated flow meter.
    • A needle valve is constructed with a minimum of dead space to allow the application of adhesives in deposits as small as 0.007 in. in diameter.
    • This rate of pressurization was achieved by use of a pressure regulator set at 4 MPa admitting air to the pressure bomb via a needle valve.
    • The Idle-Eze is a spring-loaded, needle valve and brass seat assembly located in a threaded hole in the center of the baseplate.