Traducción de needlewoman en Español:


costurera, n.

Pronunciación /ˈniːd(ə)lwʊmən//ˈnidlˌwʊmən/

nombrePlural needlewomen

  • 1

    costurera femenino
    • Prostitution among dressmakers and milliners was notorious, due to the seasonal nature of the work and the lack of wages for up to eight months of the year, as Henry Mayhew reported in his 1851 series on needlewomen in the Morning Chronicle.
    • A large part of his limited production is a celebration, in her many guises, of the industrious bourgeois mother: as mentor, minister, governess, purveyor, nurse, needlewoman and handmaid to her children.
    • The needlewoman's workbasket holds further associations with home, hearth, mothering and goodly housewifery.
    • My mother was an excellent needlewoman and, ever since I was little, I had been brought up with it.
    • The footman accuses the cook, she accuses the needlewoman, and the latter accuses the other two.
    • However, the needlewomen employed in Marseilles continued to produce quilted goods for sale to other European and New World markets, as well as to French consumers willing to run the risk of buying contraband goods.
    • The Bayeux Tapestry was embroidered by English needlewomen, although it is generally thought to be a rather inferior example of Anglo-Saxon needlework despite it's huge size.
    • Daughters of affluent parents had the option of taking advanced instruction from an expert needlewoman capable of teaching many of the diverse branches of needlework.
    • Making the museum's unique collection of 18th and 19th century samplers accessible to the public is a labour of love for Mrs Foreman, who is now a skilled needlewoman.
    • She was a needlewoman, aged twenty-two, in the sixth month of her first pregnancy.
    • Socialist affiliations are recorded in the memoirs of the stone-mason Nadaud, the draughtsman Perdiguier and Suzanne Voilquin, who was a needlewoman.
    • The schoolgirls were attending the first of two 10-day courses arranged by the firm to introduce the needlewoman of the future to the art of mechanical sewing.