Traducción de needlework en Español:


labores de aguja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnidlˌwərk//ˈniːd(ə)lwəːk/


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    (activity, skill)
    labores de aguja femenino
    • In addition to darning and plain sewing, she provided instruction in fancy needlework, tambouring, and embroidery in silk and worsted.
    • A sewing group specialising in cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting and needlework meets on Mondays from 11 am to midday.
    • But very often the image is enhanced by decorative needlework (embroidery).
    • Without the regular income of Arial's father her mother had been forced to take on sewing and needlework in order for them to keep their heads above water.
    • The centre is now also well established as an adult education centre and community courses such as cultural fashion, dress making, needlework, embroidery, basic skills, ESOL and drug awareness are also offered there.
    • Occupational therapy in the form of needlework, woodcarving and basketwork and entertainment including film shows and dancing all played a big role in the men's rehabilitation.
    • This instruction was only at elementary level, defined as being the 3Rs and practical subjects such as needlework and woodwork.
    • Hester's only skill is that of needlework and embroidery.
    • She was into horticulture, needlework and sewing and I think that must have run through the blood.
    • Basketmaking, woodturning, buttermaking and needlework are among the many craft and heritage practices on show during the day also.
    • Sewing needles and different-sized pins, used in needlework and also to fasten clothes, have turned up, as well as nuts and seeds from fruit, some of which no longer grow locally but were brought inside by mice more than a century ago.
    • The boys and girls, five to 15 years old, were busy doing needlework - some embroidery on jute, some on huckerback.
    • The classes will include crochet, knitting, needlework or any craft that there is a demand for.
    • One night, we were all sitting in front of the fireplace, Mother reading to Nicholas on her lap, Catherine doing some needlework, and me quilting.
    • Erris is renowned for many things including its outstanding tradition in exquisite hand crafts like lace making, crochet, needlework and knitting.
    • Interior spaces may also be gendered: the author explores both the activities particular to women, such as needlework or lace-making, and the objects related to female and maternal domesticity.
    • She does needlework and embroidery and never musses her skirts or get twigs and leaves in her hair, and her skin is translucent and fashionable, it does not turn brown the way mine does in the summer.
    • Informally, women met to socialize and do needlework and sewing.
    • Of the many forms of needlework practiced in the United States in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, one firmly rooted here is rug hooking.
    • For additional fees, girls at the school could take lessons in embroidery plain and fancy needlework, or oil painting on velvet.
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