Traducción de needy en Español:


necesitado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈniːdi//ˈnidi/

adjetivoneedier, neediest

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    • Why does such a rich nation not do more to alleviate the plight of its deprived and needy members?
    • He further noted that such behaviour would continue to disadvantage other needy families in rural communities.
    • The receiving family agrees to donate the first-born female kid to another needy family; they may keep any offspring thereafter.
    • As an alternative, a consent be taken from the poor and needy patients to receive Zakat funds on their behalf and pay towards the treatment.
    • The foremost vision of the Trust is to provide affordable Nursing Education to the needy students from poor and under privileged families.
    • Old students also volunteered to help poor and needy students.
    • We ran and we danced among the flotsam and jetsum of out digital lives, scattering bon mots like candies to the poor and needy children around us.
    • Gandhi spoke of the concept of antyodaya in which we focus attention first on the poorest, most needy people.
    • He said the trust was contemplating opening schools, medical dispensaries and hospitals, and cooperative stores for needy persons.
    • But if they are needy as a consequence of their criminal, irrational, or imprudent behavior, then it is not a fine thing.
    • Political parties will be prevented from wasting milk, water, etc. which can be given to poor and needy people.
    • His brother Bob is chairman of the Oak Tree Foundation, which provides humanitarian aid to the poor, sick and needy children of Romania from its base in Huddersfield.
    • Staff donated the entire first day's baking to the Salvation Army for distribution to elderly and needy people in the area.
    • At this time of year the demands on our welfare organisations are always stretched and a small donation from you can make the world of difference to not only them but also a needy family.
    • It is a spirit that seeks out the poorest and most needy people in the community, and assesses projects by the degree to which each will benefit them.
    • Parvaiz was a silent social worker who saved many lives by donating blood to poor and needy patients and diving into the said river to save lives.
    • A used washing machine is badly needed by two needy people.
    • The annual Christmas fuel appeal for the elderly and needy families of the greater Westport area is under way.
    • No needy person ever left her presence empty-handed.
    • Once again, Government is moving to deprive the most needy members of society whilst, in this case, offering tax cuts to the wealthy.

sustantivo plural

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    the needy los necesitados