Traducción de neighbor en Español:


vecino, n.

(British neighbour)

Pronunciación /ˈneɪbər//ˈneɪbə/


  • 1

    (in street, district)
    vecino masculino
    vecina femenino
    the country is at war with its southern neighbor el país está en guerra con sus vecinos del sur
    • she turned to her neighbor on the right se volvió hacia la persona que estaba a su derecha
    • Next door, her neighbours have decided to sell their apartment and move out of the city altogether.
    • The game in each plant changed from making improvements to making the plant look good in relation to its neighbors.
    • A new government in Iraq raises questions about its relationship to its neighbors.
    • There is lots of petty theft and my neighbour next door was burgled.
    • Maintaining friendly relations with neighbours and calm within the country are the big tasks ahead.
    • He woke his younger sister and brother and got them and their mum out of the house before rousing the next door neighbours.
    • Most Australians don't know their next-door neighbours or care what becomes of them.
    • A fireman raced to the aid of his new next door neighbours after they spotted smoke.
    • Equally important for the new president will be forging stronger relations with Korea's neighbors.
    • There are many other areas of international relations with our Asian neighbours that we also need to get right.
    • My next door neighbours argue passionately, ferociously and with much slamming of doors.
    • It had good relations with its neighbors and other countries, and the people were largely contented.
    • Given your recent history, do you see a future of economic relations with your enormous neighbor?
    • The future of our country depends on the level of relations with our neighbors.
    • It is good politics for any country to have friendly relations with its neighbours.
    • Each frame is rotated by three degrees in relation to its neighbour and is slightly different in height.
    • Living next to nightmare neighbours can turn your life upside down.
    • The visit aggravated Japan's already strained relations with its Asian neighbors.
    • Proponents say the deal makes sense given America's unique relationship with its southern neighbor.
    • We did speak with one of his next-door neighbours who claims to be a family friend as well who kind of defended the doctors.
    • All of this is told in the aggrieved, obsessed, slightly compassionate tone of a next-door neighbour.
    • Perhaps it's even arguable whether their next door neighbours should.
    • We have a neighbour next door and I just want her to read this rant.
    • Just before four our next door neighbours started up the car engine, revved it and kept it running.
    • A mere six weeks later I was told my next door neighbours wanted to add an extension to the front of their house.
    • Don't dogs realise that the next-door neighbours provide their lawns for this purpose?
    • Their next door neighbours, also a squatting family, were evicted a few days later.
    • The neighbours living directly next door would play loud music and party into the early hours of the morning.
    • That is the only choice for Japan to take in order to win back trust from its Asian neighbors and expand relations with them a step further.
    • But I'd sometimes go to the next-door neighbours who had a cow called Buttercup.
    • Australia has refused to apologize, creating strained relations with its northern neighbor.
    • When she was nearly 80, my dear old mum would skip down the garden, jump on to a bench and hop over the wall to check on her next-door neighbour.
    • You can tell that you've got scumbags for neighbours when the people next door fulfil the following criteria.
    • The next door neighbours are setting off their fireworks as I type this.
  • 2

    (fellow human)
    prójimo masculino
    love thy neighbor ama a tu prójimo
    • The Bible teaches us to love thy neighbor and advocates social responsibility.
    • What Jesus does say repeatedly is to love thy neighbor as thyself.
    • I mean, these aren't people that are going to turn around and love thy neighbor tomorrow.
    • I'm hoping, however, that it's less of a sin to covet thy neighbor's minivan.
    • We are trying to realize the core essence of Judaism: to love thy neighbor as thy self.
    • And Matthew said most important of all, is love, love thy neighbor as thyself.
    • Also the things that religion teaches us: love thy neighbour, do not kill and so on, are just ignored.
    • The New Testament injunctions to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbour were a great advance in civilisation.
    • Jesus preached love thy neighbour and told people not to take an eye for an eye.
    • To thy neighbours owest thou thine heart, thine self, and all that thy hast and can do.
    • To love thy neighbour as thyself is also a common teaching to many religions.
    • It went totally against Jesus' commandment love thy neighbour as much as yourself.
    • I always thought IX was something about not bearing false witness against thy neighbor.
    • If only we kept the commandment, ‘thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,’ but God forgive us for the way we keep it.
    • How can one turn the other cheek and love thy neighbor at the same time you are being urged to conquer by the sign of the cross?
    • All we can do is, to do right and love thy neighbor.
    • Even in the Commandments, it says to love thy neighbor as thyself, not to love thy neighbor more than thyself.
    • He believed more in loving thy neighbour than defending his country.
    • Humanism promoted the spirit of oneness, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’.
    • Love thy neighbor as one loves thyself is still good advice.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to neighbor on sth lindar / colindar con algo
    • his land neighbors on mine nuestras tierras son colindantes

verbo transitivo

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    estar junto a
    estar cerca de
    the house that neighbors ours on the right la casa que está a la derecha de la nuestra