Traducción de neither en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈniːðə//ˈniðər//ˈnaɪðər//ˈnʌɪðə/


  • 1

    neither … nor … ni … ni …
    • she neither knows nor cares! ¡ni sabe ni le importa!
    • neither good nor bad ni bueno ni malo
  • 2

    I don't want to go — neither do I no quiero ir — yo tampoco / ni yo
    • I'm not leaving — me neither! yo no me voy — ¡yo tampoco! / ¡ni yo!
    • it is not our policy, neither is it the policy of our allies no es nuestra política, ni (tampoco) es la política de nuestros aliados


  • 1

    neither proposal was accepted no se aceptó ninguna de las (dos) propuestas
    • neither one is the right size ninguno de los dos es del tamaño adecuado


  • 1

    she read both poems, but liked neither leyó los dos poemas pero no le gustó ninguno
    • I saw both plays, but liked neither vi las dos obras pero no me gustó ninguna
    • neither of the guards saw him ninguno de los (dos) guardias lo vio
    • Upon realising my error, it all felt a bit awkward, but neither of us could bring ourselves to mention my faux pas.
    • In theory, we were going to walk up the thousand steps, but neither of us could be bothered.
    • I suppose it's because neither of the Scottish sides have made the breakthrough yet.
    • For a while you could get it on the Wayback Machine but it's gone even from there and neither of us thought to make new copies.
    • During dinner we were given something that neither of us had seen before.
    • We arrived fashionably late and neither of us had any supper so we thought we'd grab a bite there.
    • Despite the big numbers, neither of the town's MPs claimed as much in expenses as they could have.
    • Except he would take cream with his coffee and neither of us would smoke.
    • The problem, at least for those holidaying in Gibraltar, is that neither of these hotels has a beach.
    • Great effort from the edge of the box - neither of these two sides is prepared to settle for a draw.
    • A quick flick of the head confirms neither of the other two are objecting.
    • With neither of them in the first flush of youth, he worries about what will happen to his collection when he is gone.
    • He disagrees but neither of us can fight the fact that things are weird.
    • Legal Aid told him that neither of them were into such stuff and eventually he put the phone down.
    • The marriage was finally approved, but the bride was married with neither of her parents at her side.
    • I've run second a few times but neither of us had won the entire series of games previous to this!
    • We have been speaking regularly and neither of us has had too much sleep.
    • It is the kind of connection the human heart longs to make, and neither of them mistake it for what it is not.
    • So neither of them moved, and the algae that grows on the sloth's fur got to the finish line first.
    • A battle between father and son is about to erupt, though neither of them realise it yet.