Traducción de nerve cell en Español:

nerve cell

neurona, n.


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    neurona femenino
    • Each of the stem cells then divided into two cells - a stem cell and a nerve cell.
    • That patch lets the nerve cell reconstruct itself.
    • So in essence what you have to transplant into an animal is something that is a mature neurone, a mature nerve cell.
    • As I said, it turned on the genes to be a breast cell, had turned off the genes to be a nerve cell, or a blood cell, or a pluripotent cell.
    • Different cell types in an organism all have exactly the same genome; it is differences among the expression levels of their genes that make a muscle cell different from a nerve cell.
    • A young embryonic cell could become a nerve cell or a skin cell depending on its environment, but it would not become some neuroepidermal cell or any other hybrid.
    • And so when this channel is activated it prevents the nerve cell from being active for too long.
    • It looked like a smaller version of a neuron, or nerve cell.
    • Each arises from three cells: one forming the bristle, one forming the socket out of which the bristle grows, and one forming the nerve cell that communicates bristle motion to the central nervous system.
    • Once the plaque matures, parts of the nerve cell, like the axon and dendrites, begin to degenerate.
    • It blocks the function of the axons (that part of the nerve cell through which electrical impulses are transmitted), making the voluntary muscles unusable.
    • A cortical nerve cell in this region will fire impulses if a long line straddles the blind spot, or even if two halves of the line are displayed on either side of the blind spot, but not if only half the line alone is displayed.
    • In the body it occurs inside a nerve cell or neuron.
    • It's at a synapse that one nerve cell releases chemicals to signal an adjoining nerve cell.
    • These reach higher blood levels and enter the nerve cell in higher amounts.
    • Once the genes were turned on, certain proteins would be released, which reshaped the end of the nerve cell or synapse and changed how it functioned for a lengthy period of time.
    • Because the newly engineered drug would be so target-specific, virtually all of it could act only within the nerve cell's axonal region, making it an efficient fix in small doses.
    • Preliminary observations indicated that after an axon is cut, the nerve cell sprouts a new axon from the severed end that regrows to reach the target muscle.
    • Is it genetically preprogrammed to become a nerve cell or a muscle cell - or even to die, as we discovered that some specific cells always did in the course of development?
    • For nerve cells to fire, calcium must enter the nerve cell in response to a stimulus.