Traducción de nervy en Español:


fresco, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈnərvi//ˈnəːvi/

adjetivonervier, nerviest

  • 1EEUU coloquial

    (bold, brash)
    fresco coloquial
    caradura coloquial
    • On Wasp Star, XTC come back to their nervy, new-wavish geek-boy rock, producing a startlingly fresh album for guys that have been doing this for over 20 years.
    • Krugman caught my notice for being one guy with a really nervy suggestion on how Japan could get out of its deflationary spiral.
    • Audiard has done a masterful job of creating a brash, nervy film that is poignant without ever being pretentious.
    • The United Nations chief is charming and charismatic, but his nervy doctrine for ending wars makes world leaders twitch.
  • 2EEUU coloquial

    agalludo América Latina coloquial
  • 3Britanico

    (tense, edgy)
    • We were a bit nervy after our recent results, but John Martin was unbelievable.
    • Our fellows were nervy, edgy, and in the circumstances it may have been just as well that the Iranians strung eleven men behind the ball when Ireland had possession.
    • But then we got a bit nervy and sat back and that's something that we're going to have to address again in training.
    • ‘There was no way they were going to beat us,’ an elated Wes Bateman said later when asked if the Irish got a little nervy towards the end.
    • I have gone from being very pressurised and tense and nervy to being more relaxed and far happier with how things are.
    • I don't have a television (and have never been a big fan anyway - it makes me nervy and uncomfortable) or net access at home, but I find the radio an excellent companion.
    • His eyes have a certain amount of little-boy-lost about them and his slightly nervy, jumpy presence also helps him appear a lot younger than his 43 years.
    • Result, everyone is left feeling anxious, nervy and vaguely irritated.
    • He is a nervy, jumpy sort of a chap, who follows people with his eyes as they move about a room, and he is constantly twitching about, seeking approval and trying to be everyone's mom.
    • But investors in London were nervy from the off after computer games retailer Game issued a profits warning and sent a chill through the sector.
    • The nervous and nervy man couldn't believe that life was treating him so badly.
    • ‘Red makes adults nervy, edgy, even aggressive,’ said Gimbel.
    • The effort of getting ready to perform - her projector a substitute for a musical instrument - leaves her too nervy to talk about the process.
    • David Toms produced a stunning back nine to edge out a nervy Sergio Garcia in a titanic tussle in the singles.
    • It added nervy investors were quick to exact revenge with shares in the company making the warning falling by an average of 24% in the first day.
    • Blue-chip shares were left teetering at the 4000 mark yesterday as nervy investors continued to fret over the global economy.
    • United were understandably nervy throughout this crucial match, and they looked to have blown their chances of all three points when David Bingham equalised Jim McIntyre's early counter.
    • Blue-chip stocks fell sharply yesterday, as nervy investors caught sight of more gloomy economic data on the US horizon.
    • They were nervy sorts, fidgety, who watched your hands as you used the mobile or hunted in your bag for something but would never catch your eye.
    • In private, all these guys were quiet, nervy and insecure gay men living in an era when it was marginally safe to out oneself in the safe confines of the entertainment industry, but definitely not outside of that.