Traducción de nettle en Español:


ortiga, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɛdl//ˈnɛt(ə)l/


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    ortiga femenino
    stinging nettle ortiga (romana) femenino
    • These so-called host plants include many broadleaf weeds and cover crops such as nettles, mallow, chicory, dandelion, thistles, bindweed, deadly nightshade, and many clovers.
    • Almost everyone is familiar with the nettle through its formidable sting, but few know about the important role it plays in the natural world.
    • For instance, there are botanical-based hair colorants rich in herbs such as nettle, sage, red sorrel, rosemary and burdock.
    • But the beauty of most edible plants - nettles, dandelions, alexanders, fat hen, sorrel - is that they are so prolific they are considered a nuisance.
    • Docken, like dandelion, nettle, ground elder, bindweed and couch-grass belongs to that troublesome group of wild flowers called perennial weeds.

verbo transitivo

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    she was somewhat nettled by my remark mi comentario le molestó / la irritó un poco
    • What will also nettle Waugh is Ricky Ponting's success as Australia's new one-day skipper.
    • Studios are understandably nettled by deals like these because they enable stars in some cases to earn more than the studio.
    • Ray Bradbury, author of sci-fi novel Fahrenheit 451, is nettled at Moore's twist on his classic title.
    • In conclusion, the inspector offered his resignation to the Board, being much nettled by an accusation of incompetence in the London papers.
    • Perhaps it nettled me so much because it was so close to the truth.
    • But it's clear that some of the more caustic comments about them continue to nettle Mik Pyro.
    • It was probably your first time trying to act authoritative, since he nettled you so.
    • Ninkovich will nettle critics of imperialism.
    • Zimbabwe's ongoing political crisis again nettled Southern African leaders, who were wrapping up a two-day summit here yesterday.
    • Europe - both EU members and candidate countries - has split into two camps on the issue, lining up behind either France or Britain, at the risk of nettling the other.
    • One remark of Don's, however, nettled me for its pre-emptive protecting of the poet.
    • That sorta nettled him a bit, but then he suddenly noticed Bridget was there, seemingly on her own.
    • So it nettles me a little bit for people to question her qualifications.
    • I am nettled by this, and, refusing his attentions walk off into the surf squaring my shoulders.
    • Working as an activist outside India, one of the issues that nettled Bose, she says, was the painful question of identity that racks second-generation youth.
    • O'Brian himself was always nettled by the inevitable comparison of his own works with CS Forester's Hornblower saga.
    • A thought kept hammering over and over in his head, sort of a worry that kept nettling him.
    • Apparently you'll be able to tolerate me nettling you then, huh?
    • As irksome as they found RFE's balloon operations, the radio broadcasts nettled communist officials even more.
    • I understood that Zannah was upset, and she had her reasons, but the cause of the effect didn't lie in my hands, and the way she was acting nettled me.