Traducción de networker en Español:


teletrabajador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɛtˌwərkər//ˈnɛtwəːkə/


  • 1

    teletrabajador masculino
    teletrabajadora femenino
    • The largest networking company in the world is CISCO Systems and, with a worldwide shortage of trained networkers, CISCO Systems in 1997 set up a web-based academy to train people in its technology.
    • For a networker, it is a network with only one computer to be shared among an infinite number of people.
    • Still, right now, Linux is a specialized operating system catering to developers, networkers and IT professionals.
    • Office networkers are protected by network firewalls and virus checkers which are absent in the home.
    • Most doctors don't even touch a PC unless they have to and the vast array of different computers, terminals, servers, what-have-you throughout the service is a networker's nightmare.
    • The trick now is to lure all these home networkers outside, onto the broader Wi-Fi networks - and bill them for it.
  • 2

    (user of contacts)
    creador de (una red de) contactos masculino
    creadora de (una red de) contactos femenino
    creador de (una red de) conexiones masculino América Latina
    creadora de (una red de) conexiones femenino América Latina
    • ‘I've always been a big networker, and when I look at my Rolodex I have over 1,000 names in there,’ he says.
    • If you haven't already, dissuade yourself from thinking that building effective relationships is the same as being a better networker.
    • Fortunately, Leri is the ultimate networker, with a Palm handheld that contains 4,200 names and counting.
    • Sir Arthur was perhaps one of the finest networkers of his time - developing links and relationships with mine and pit owners up and down the country to ensure that he got the best material, whenever or wherever it turned up.
    • ‘He's a serial networker,’ says a friend in the City.
    • Good listeners are often good networkers and articulate and confident people often do well in networking groups’.
    • Lee is a very remarkable guy, and a great networker.
    • It was a scenic change of venue and networkers were treated to food and drinks courtesy of the sponsors, chartered accounting firm Ferrier Hodgson, on the rolling lawns by the beach bar.
    • I feel like I'm a great networkers, and have planted some seeds, and it seems like those seeds have taken off and people are very interested.
    • Five years ago two women - Randa Shannon and Barb Kline, partners, dreamers, networkers, and peacemakers - bought the land.
    • He's a charismatic networker and a man with high political ties stemming back to his days in the Australian Labor Party.
    • In Dyson's case, she was the permanent and permanently vacant Silicon Valley networker who got the job largely out of name recognition.
    • Tried and true networkers can attest to good deeds being reciprocated.
    • However, his function in welcoming all the networkers was carried out admirably by his eldest son, complete with entourage of wife and baby son, while Steele's wife Sandra Lambrinos smiled benevolently over the entire event.
    • ‘They considered me the master networker,’ he says.
    • This organization was staffed with consultants from other offices, who were given 6-month assignments to play a special role as ‘knowledge networkers.’
    • Peter was a voracious reader, a tireless networker, intrepid and fearless at approaching the biggest names, and dogged in working with authors to finish their manuscripts.
    • Serial networkers - you know, the ones you seem to innocently bump into at all sorts of events - can certainly teach us a thing or two.
    • The fiery wife of Charles Powell, one of Margaret Thatcher's inner circle, she was a networker with more connections than Google, accumulating the great and the good the way others collect Meissen china.
    • With thousands of exhibits, hundreds of authors and scores of conference sessions, BEA is also a networker's dream.