Traducción de never-ending en Español:


interminable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌnɛvər ˈɛndɪŋ//nɛvərˈɛndɪŋ/


  • 1

    (dispute/saga) interminable
    (dispute/saga) eterno
    (dispute/saga) inacabable
    (devotion/supply) inagotable
    (supply/devotion) inacabable
    • Despite the never-ending cups of tea, one female passenger limits her beverage intake.
    • It scares me that I'm capable of such psychotic, stubborn, never-ending faith and hope in this person.
    • No one deserves the indignity and the despair of playing an never-ending waiting game for treatment.
    • What really rankles with many is the never-ending lifespan of these serials.
    • I'm absolutely heartsick at the never-ending stream of ghastly news and pictures from New Orleans.
    • Shops upon shops upon shops so that the people can mindlessly indulge their never-ending quest for consumer goods.
    • It's a never-ending discussion that we also have in The Netherlands: what to do first?
    • After what seemed a never-ending series of steps, they finally reached the fourth floor.
    • Then I knew what I had always presumed: my love story was a never-ending one.
    • The never-ending diet of worms and rich tea biscuits is too much.
    • His career as Admiral and Governor was consumed with never-ending anxiety to secure a comfortable living.
    • Forty years later, and again we mourn the victims of man's never-ending quest to discover the Earth and what lies beyond it.
    • For example, the idea of a road or a river is a symbol of a never-ending or everlasting journey.
    • It would seem there would be nothing left to do, unless there was a never-ending series of purposes to fulfil.
    • The narrow roads become narrower in the never-ending maze of cross roads, sublanes and bylanes.
    • When I found out she was allergic this started a never-ending learning process on how to keep her safe.
    • Working with new media, you embark on a never-ending learning process.
    • It's a vibrant resort, with plenty of cafes and restaurants and a seemingly never-ending stretch of sandy beach.
    • Some are unable to string together words in a coherent fashion, others curse the never-ending punishment.
    • There is a never-ending journey of going deeper into it and one's musical maturity keeps ripening.