Traducción de New Year en Español:

New Year

Año Nuevo, n.


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    Año Nuevo masculino
    happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año (Nuevo)!
    • So as we begin a new year, let's make it a point to meet with the Holy Spirit every day.
    • We can begin again: a new year is upon us with fresh resolutions to spoil.
    • When they returned me to my flat at the beginning of the new year, I began for the first time to seek new friends in a more conventional way.
    • The new year has scarcely begun, but Americans watching television have already heard a lot about God.
    • The new year began as the last one ended, in fear, horror and bloodshed.
    • Hundreds of people began the new year in the icy waters at South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, to raise cash for charity.
    • City of York's top two teams began the new year with a bang thanks to big wins over first teams from Leeds and Stockton respectively.
    • I am pleased to be able to begin the new year with news of another gigantic Irish's Movie Review Column ticket giveaway.
    • A new year has begun and they hope it will be an even better one for the children of Belarus.
    • Now, as we begin this new year, we want to look at how all of us can meet the Holy Spirit in a new and deeper way.
    • You're meant to make resolutions on New Year's Eve for the new year.
    • We're more than two months into the new year and the question is this.
    • The president will face a number of critical domestic challenges as the new year begins.
    • We begin with a very happy new year on this auspicious new year for Jewish viewers and listeners around the world.
    • Thus, once the new year has begun, I'm afraid that conflicts regarding the power plant issue will continue to erupt.
    • As the new year began, though, the economy was showing signs of bottoming out.
    • However, the new year began with the death of a man in Waterville, Co Kerry.
    • The appreciation indices also continued to rise, averaging a phenomenal 85 in the early months of the new year.
    • Now, two months into the new year, the consequences appear to be far milder than the insurers suggested.
    • The old year ended and the new year began with the American economy in good shape.