Traducción de New Year's Eve en Español:

New Year's Eve


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    (date) el treinta y uno de diciembre
    (evening) la noche de Fin de Año
    (evening) la Nochevieja España
    • On the night of the 2000 New Year's Eve he invited children with cancer to his house to watch the fireworks.
    • On New Year's Eve, normal buses stop running around 7pm and trains at around 8pm.
    • Ministers decided to extend drinking hours on New Year's Eve permanently following two years of successful trials.
    • The main public television network ARD converted its New Year's Eve variety show into a donation marathon.
    • A friend of mine had his son visiting him, and we were having a New Year's Eve party.
    • Every prisoner was allowed to call his family on New Year's Eve on February 11.
    • The final straw came when the captain forgot to give the countdown to midnight at the New Year's Eve, making a damp squib of the party.
    • They would be lured down by scheduled plans for the bicentennial party on New Year's Eve.
    • On New Year's Eve, we were just coming out of the coffee shop en route for the gala dinner when this Austrian woman appeared.
    • There are an awful lot of things that must be done before the New Year's Eve.
    • Colin Lingle is waiting until the last possible second to make his New Year's Eve plans.
    • She hadn't smiled since before the New Year's Eve party still, for she had no reason to.
    • When New Year's Eve came, she got ready, and her dad went over to Danny's and Jenna's.
    • In the rest of the region police said it was relatively quiet for a New Year's Eve with no major incidents.
    • Players and staff also missed out on some of the New Year's Eve revelries as they kept themselves fresh for what would have been a vital clash.
    • PSG announced on Friday that the players are to have a New Year's Eve party to cement team spirit after a troubled start to the season.
    • And it was only after befriending the children that he met their mother, Sylvia, at a New Year's Eve party.
    • On New Year's Eve Andrew and I set out on a long walk up to the Odin Valley.
    • By New Year's Eve, hopefully the Bulgarian troops in Iraq would return, the minister said.
    • On New Year's Eve, he helped on the shop floor to cover for workers absent through illness.
    • Pope John Paul II ended the year with a traditional New Year's Eve homily.
    • Being New Year's Eve, many students were either at home or out celebrating.
    • With the Christmas tinsel tarnished, the New Year's Eve hangover just a memory, thoughts are turning to summer.
    • Nowadays New Year's Eve has become a time to reflect on the year's events, and look forward to the coming year.
    • The Sydney audience for the New Year's Eve crackers easily surpassed the news broadcasts by Nine in the week.
    • On New Year's Eve, dozens of disappointed revellers were also plunged into darkness because of the fault.
    • Six months later, on New Year's Eve, 1990, Rowling's mother died of respiratory failure.
    • Just New Year's Eve to get through and I'm done for the festive bloody season.
    • It'd only be over Christmas when I was fostered, from 24th December to New Year's Eve.
    • It put a dampener on their New Year's Eve but, for those who were picked, it meant it was more special.
    • I was inspired to write another entry and tell you what my New Year's Eve 2000 was like.
    • He had turned on the radio and Guy Lombardo was on with a New Year's Eve broadcast.
    • She recalls winning a race in Galway on a New Year's Eve at midnight with particular fondness.
    • I got paralytic for the first time in my life the New Year's Eve before last.
    • This New Year's Eve, Natasha Kaplinsky will host the run-up to midnight, and into 2005.
    • Unlike New Year's Eve, I did not manage to lose any expensive personal items.
    • He wanted Kate to come for Christmas Day and New Year's Eve, and for six weeks in the summer.
    • He wasn't as dressed up as at the New Year's Eve party but he did look rather hot.
    • It was so disastrous that everyone thought the New Year's Eve crash was happening all over again.
    • On New Year's Eve, she will have a big dinner with other members of her extended family.