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Pronunciación /ˈnjuːzhaʊnd//ˈn(j)uzhaʊnd/


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    • The Register is no more innocent than the rest of the news hounds in promoting Sun's ambitious but vacuous plan.
    • They say he was too much of a news hound to appreciate the work of the arts staff and too disorganized to manage the office.
    • And the Internet is fast becoming the alternative route for some image hungry news hounds.
    • The news hounds are certainly getting hyped up about MRSA.
    • The interviewer was none other than Meagan, who was only in her second year as a reporter and writer, though she did have her aspirations from early on to major in journalism and become a news hound for a major national publication.
    • It almost gets to the point where you want to - you say to yourself, even a news hound like myself, ‘No, enough.’
    • They do and the TV news hounds pile on to the front lawn of the dead man's family to get the reaction.
    • Seeing the reel-to-reel and cart machines brings back memories of my days as a radio announcer and news hound.
    • Pattaya City Hall was the first stop on their whirlwind tour, when at 11: 00 a.m. on May 5th, accompanied by escorts and news hounds, the Miss Thailand hopefuls were greeted by Mayor Pairat and the entire city administration.
    • Here's a question for international news hounds.
    • The news hounds must have arrived at the crash site in force, because in the background of every shot was the downed craft.
    • In addition, Tom's is going to welcome its own undercover news hound, Scooby McKay.
    • He watched the gathering of dark-suited officials, of news hounds, of curious citizens.
    • So here's some news for these alleged news hounds - this story isn't going to go away any time in the foreseeable future.
    • Meanwhile, over at Variety, they have declared war on, increasing budget and staff to strengthen Variety's position as top movie news hound.
    • I suggested that we pay a passing urchin from the township to go and count the whales for us, but the curvaceous news hound insisted that we do it ourselves.
    • You get to see a TV news hound swept away in mid syllable by part of a flying house as tornados wreak havoc in LA.
    • He may be out of the anchor chair, but tonight, news hound Tom Brokaw is sniffing around one of the biggest stories of all time, the Watergate scandal, for a new documentary called ‘Tom Brokaw Reports: Deep Throat, The Full Story.’
    • Part of being a professional news hound is knowing when to stay out of the way and let events take their course.
    • There are great opportunities out there for hungry news hounds - and I am hungry.