Traducción de newsworthy en Español:


de interés periodístico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈnjuːzwəːði//ˈn(j)uzˌwərði/


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    de interés periodístico
    • Why has the BBC seen fit to excise this small but noteworthy and newsworthy detail from their version of the news?
    • Well, because a newsworthy event without him in the news makes a politician shudder.
    • I'm not sure there's going to be anything else that is going to be newsworthy to call a press conference.
    • If he had said anything newsworthy or interesting, we would have covered it.
    • Still, there was nothing newsworthy in the event in itself until right at the end.
    • Navy News picked it up from Army Newspaper and deemed it newsworthy.
    • The event was deemed newsworthy, with this report appearing in the Taranaki Herald two days later.
    • A journal editor, for example, has an interest in publishing controversial or newsworthy articles that will be quoted.
    • This is partly prejudice; but mostly, it's just that good news is considered less newsworthy.
    • Of course, it would be much more newsworthy if the headline were Dog Clones Man.
    • However, in terms of the quality of speech, what counts as newsworthy is an important discussion.
    • So it was indeed seen as quite newsworthy by reputable journalists and heads of state.
    • Observers noted that what made the event newsworthy was not that the Fed made an error.
    • Reporters who witnessed the incidents evidently did not regard the events as newsworthy.
    • Infinitely less important and less newsworthy stories were run instead.
    • On the surface it promotes the idea that the New York Times will cover all newsworthy events.
    • Relationships are only newsworthy and notable if there's a lot of money involved.
    • News is always more newsworthy if it could affect me, or you, or someone we know, or someone that they know.
    • It was interesting but not newsworthy, or not at that point, anyway.
    • This is also true when they withhold, altogether, stories they know to be newsworthy and of public interest.