Traducción de next of kin en Español:

next of kin

familiar más cercano, n.


  • 1

    familiar más cercano masculino
    familiares más cercanos masculino
    pariente más cercano masculino
    parientes más cercanos masculino
    • People worried about who would be notified as their next of kin in case of medical emergency are being urged to carry a new card to avoid confusion.
    • He said next of kin would be notified before the man's identity was released.
    • It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet my next of kin over sausage rolls and cheesy Wotsits, so naturally Lisa couldn't refuse.
    • They say the government has no right to intervene, that her next of kin should make the decision.
    • The spokeswoman said the force was in the process of notifying the gunman's next of kin.
    • We need to establish who he is and inform his next of kin.
    • When the officer asked the woman's name he found it didn't match the next of kin for the deceased.
    • The British embassy in Manila said it could not confirm details until it had notified the next of kin.
    • Her job included sending telegrams about casualties to next of kin.
    • The other man, whose identity was withheld pending notification of next of kin, was wounded in the chest, arm and thigh.
    • The driver's name was being withheld until police could notify next of kin.
    • The important details could include types of illness, treatment being administered and details of next of kin.
    • Visits have been restricted to next of kin to prevent the further spread of the highly contagious vomiting bug.
    • The man is believed to be local, and police spent yesterday tracing his next of kin.
    • The other issue would the one of whether, if someone has not opted out, their next of kin still had to be contacted before organs were taken.
    • But Richard was only there on behalf of Karen's next of kin, back home in Pennsylvania and too distraught to travel.
    • In the military, we have very strict rules on the notification of next of kin.
    • Obviously, everyone would accept that my husband is my immediate next of kin, and I am his.
    • For example, in the event of an emergency, you'd like your partner to be immediately recognised as your next of kin.
    • It's all about pensions, next of kin, inheritance tax and parenting rights etc.