Traducción de NICAM en Español:



Pronunciación /ˈnʌɪkam/


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    NICAM masculino
    • To have a concert in your front room was more impressive than having widescreen digital TV with Nicam stereo sound.
    • Some models will come with their own speakers, allowing you to listen to your favourite programs, in Nicam stereo.
    • And if she doubted what she was hearing then the people all around them with their widescreen TV's and Nicam surround sound probably dismissed the racket too.
    • Pictures are usually small and jerky and sound nowhere near Nicam stereo quality.
    • I have a number of friends who rush out to buy the latest tweaks to existing technology, such as upgrading their TV from mono to Nicam stereo, then widescreen, followed by a quick change to a digital widescreen flat screen!
    • near-instantaneous companding system