Traducción de nickelodeon en Español:


máquina de discos, n.

Pronunciación /ˌnɪkəˈləʊdɪən//ˌnɪkəˈloʊdiən/



  • 1

    máquina de discos femenino
    juke-box masculino
    rocola femenino México Colombia América Central
    • This sounds like I'm describing the days of crystal-set radios and hand-cranked nickelodeons, I know.
    • Songs well up from the subliminal nickelodeon in my head.
    • An equivalent system is the punched-hole stack of connected cards used in a pianola, or the rotating slotted-metal disk in a nickelodeon, where the music is being played in response to the arrangement of the holes.
    • Well, it's based on this Tijuana nickelodeon machine.
    • She devotes loving attention to her orchestra, and especially to the coin-operated nickelodeon, the earliest version of a juke box.
  • 2

    sala de proyección en la primera época del cine
    • Another sound in the nickelodeons was the murmur of immigrant voices translating aloud the titles into the languages of Europe.
    • In working class neighborhoods, children and teenagers flocked to the cheap storefront movie theaters, called nickelodeons, where even at night only a minority of the audience were adults.
    • Italian theaters and music halls, for example, largely gave way to vaudeville, nickelodeons, organized sports, and radio programming.
    • In 1918, the Chicago Motion Picture Commission heard evidence of the pernicious effect nickelodeons were having on America's youth.
    • Before long, thousands of nickelodeons popped up in cities across the country, ushering in a new era of the motion picture as profit-making industry, entertainment for the masses and pop culture juggernaut.