Traducción de nicotine patch en Español:

nicotine patch

parche de nicotina, n.


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    parche de nicotina masculino
    • Although the transdermal nicotine patch is the most used treatment for smoking cessation, neither of the two studies thus far conducted made use of it.
    • In women seeking to quit smoking, combination therapy with bupropion and the nicotine patch appears to produce the best long-term results.
    • Anyway, we were sitting there eating and I looked over and saw that the woman next to us was wearing a nicotine patch.
    • She jumped in her car, ripped a nicotine patch off her upper arm and lit a cigarette.
    • He also aspires to clean living: He's far more likely than the average consumer to have used a nicotine patch or gum to kick his smoking habit in the past year.
    • Two trials have suggested that a low dose mecamylamine patch combined with a nicotine patch was superior to placebo, but a recent multicentre trial has failed to show efficacy.
    • The risk of developing high blood pressure may increase if you also use nicotine replacement therapy, such as a nicotine patch, to help you stop smoking.
    • For example, the patient who needs to be doing something with his or her hands may prefer the nicotine inhaler over the nicotine patch.
    • The nicotine gum and the nicotine patch can be bought without a prescription from your doctor.
    • One trial found that bupropion alone or combined with a nicotine patch was more effective than a nicotine patch alone.
    • He recommended we use the nicotine patch because he said that it's better than regular cigarettes, and in the same breath warned us not to tell our parents about that piece of advice.
    • The most widely researched nicotine replacement products are nicotine polacrilex, and the transdermal nicotine patch.
    • It's exactly like a topical nicotine patch - which tests have scientifically proven can help reduce the number of cigarettes you need to get you through the day.
    • You might think about using nicotine gum or another nicotine replacement product, such as the nicotine patch.
    • She also started taking Zyban and using a nicotine patch.
    • Switching to a nicotine patch may allow a more gradual withdrawal.
    • It is important to discourage patients from smoking while they are using the nicotine patch.
    • Her advice on weight control: Wear a nicotine patch, or chew the gum, in gradually diminishing amounts.
    • You might try using nicotine gum or a nicotine patch.
    • Two years ago, wearing a nicotine patch to help control her worst cravings, she went six months without smoking.