Traducción de nifty en Español:


hábil, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈnɪfti//ˈnɪfti/

adjetivoniftier, niftiest


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    • That kind of nifty footwork might work against Darren Purse in the Premiership, John, but it won't work here.
    • It has a nifty guide called ‘How Parliament Works’ and another on the role of the Speaker.
    • The lightweight nifty centre forward found himself opposed by a rugged hardtackling centre back who asked no questions.
    • So it was a nifty move that the DeLorean Motor Company was opened in Northern Ireland with the help of a big chunk of UK taxpayer's money.
    • Any con artist would appreciate the bait-and-switch as a nifty piece of work.
    • The pre-budget package was a rather nifty piece of electioneering, and helped steal the thunder of the opposition parties.
    • Left winger Richard Kingham then showed some nifty footwork for Baildon's fourth try, which Lister again improved.
    • His stage performance includes stories, songs and nifty guitar playing, all spiced with his characteristic sense of humour.
    • And then I logged in and did some nifty Internet stuff, including joining the blogs by women webring.
    • Others are no more than a handful of true believers with a nifty website.
    • The final nifty characteristic of blogs that I discussed was the personal nature of the writing.
    • It is forcing me to get out and do things I've been putting off, like going to Bennett's Lane on a Sunday for some pretty nifty jazz.
    • But it does make use of the rather nifty dynamic text replacement routine for the headings and sub-headings on each page.
    • I discovered a really nifty idea about swimming/snorkeling with baby when I took my oldest with me to Hawaii.
    • What causes the balls to fly off these bats is a nifty bit of physics called the trampoline effect.
    • Ben and Mena are nice people and deserve to be compensated for providing me with this nifty bit of software for free.
    • Third was the climax of The Karate Kid, in which Ralph Macchio snatches championship victory with a few nifty moves.
    • Well, this nifty item lets you track the American popularity of different names over the decades.
    • Enigma is well acted and is certainly based on a nifty concept, but does not add up to the sum of its parts.
    • And though the wine list is overflowing, there is a nifty numbered guide to help you find the right wine to complement your menu choices.
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    (gadget/solution) ingenioso
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    • It has everything that makes a spy show great; hot chicks, nifty gadgets, and cliffhanger endings.
    • Men's pieces included a nifty shirt with one side straight and the other side twisted, and sleeveless backless tops.
    • You wouldn't know that from the nifty little changing picture on top of Ms. Hunter's webpage.
    • TV fans who are planning to go to Japan for their next holiday should put this nifty gadget on their shopping list.
    • I even had a nifty little hand-operated gadget that whisked egg and milk.
    • Dan bought this nifty device from an orthopedic store downtown.
    • They rely on their nifty little gadgets and superior technology to win wars.
    • You too could have one of these nifty logos, if you follow my orders and head over the brand new Liberty Dogs blog.
    • There is a nifty little kitchen range that comes in high-gloss black, which will, I hope, look rather smart.
    • For all that, I have to say it's a rather nifty little product.
    • We need lots of nifty graphics to impress the unwashed masses of the gaming press and the coke snorting suits who're paying us to make a game.
    • It's got everything a good spy show needs; a hot chick, intrigue, the CIA, nifty gadgets, and cliffhanger endings.
    • A girl like this will definitely be into trying some nifty things.
    • BMW has commissioned some very nifty six-minute film clips for its site, helmed by juicy directorial talent.
    • Also, he has a platform with nifty bullet points, some of which he probably came up with while actually on his meds.
    • The car's interior is very stylo-mylo, and it has one of those nifty steering wheel controlled stereo systems.
    • The atmosphere is upbeat, and there's all kinds of nifty geek toys and gadgets to be found down every aisle.
    • One bloke who was wearing nifty black and blue shoes had a trick where he dropped down onto one hand.
    • Yeah, stand over there and mock me with your nifty frames.
    • Nothing beats unwrapping a nifty new gadget at Christmas.
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