Traducción de night vision en Español:

night vision

visión nocturna, n.


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    visión nocturna femenino
    • Its compounds also help the eyes adapt to bright light and improve night vision.
    • Red light doesn't disturb most animals, and it also doesn't destroy one's night vision.
    • Laser surgery may also slightly reduce your colour and night vision.
    • The rods are sensitive to low light and are used mostly for night vision.
    • In addition, some people who opted for surgery have found their night vision has worsened dramatically.
    • This means that the Cougar has excellent night vision, even though its colour vision is not as good as ours.
    • She avoided looking at the fire, as looking at light would ruin her night vision.
    • Since cones do not function well in darkness, night vision depends strongly on light picked up by rods.
    • Does all this extra glare at eye level reduce a driver's night vision, especially on unlit carriageways?
    • I can easily see anything in the distance, and I have pretty good night vision.
    • My night vision's not great so I had to move closer, maybe I need to eat more carrots or something.
    • My night vision is very good and getting better as I blink the film from my eyes.
    • No doubt living in places such as these proves to be a challenge for one without good night vision.
    • She landed in a crouch, her night vision momentarily ruined by the candle's brief light.
    • A bright light within the boat will ruin his night vision.
    • First signs are blurry vision, especially in bright light, loss of night vision and needing more light to read by.
    • He was in one of the islands of light, it was ruining his night vision and he couldn't see into the darkness.
    • The light signals are done with the beam shining below your buddy's line of sight, so as not to ruin his night vision.
    • It takes more than 15 minutes to gain night vision inside the pitch black exhibit.
    • It dawned upon me that they couldn't see me, my night vision was much better than theirs was.


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