Traducción de nightclothes en Español:


ropa de dormir, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnʌɪtkləʊðz//ˈnaɪtˌkloʊðz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    ropa de dormir femenino
    • The three blushed, and headed to the living room, where, upon a little digging they unearthed soap, nightclothes, undergarments, and books.
    • Jude entered with his soft brown hair amiss and wearing his nightclothes - a white tee shirt and a pair of blue plaid pants.
    • She slipped from the bed, changing from her nightclothes into the jeans and blue long-sleeve shirt she wore that day.
    • One proceeded to dress him in his nightclothes while the other turned back the bedclothes.
    • She quickly changed from her nightclothes into the clothes in the bundle, tucking her trousers into her tie up, saddle boots and her shirt into her trousers.
    • She was dressed for bed, wearing a green dressing gown over her nightclothes.
    • She slipped out of her nightclothes and into her gown.
    • His bed was unmade, his nightclothes strewn across the floor, and a small, worn book laid on the table beside the bed.
    • Scott climbed out of bed and changed out of his nightclothes into some street clothes.
    • Her suitcases were packed and a cereal bowl and milk were set out in her kitchen and she was dressed in her nightclothes and dressing gown.
    • She walked to a nearby room and exchanged her nightclothes for her habit, then allowed Ellie to lead her out into the village.
    • He was dressed in a dark blue bathrobe over a pair of nightclothes with matching slippers.
    • All she'd worn was nightclothes and bathrobes for the two years she'd been in there.
    • I changed from my nightclothes to my day clothes.
    • Cases were dumped on the ground and unpacked as people dug for nightclothes and changes of underwear.
    • Patients should organise someone to launder their nightwear and bring in fresh supplies of nightclothes and toiletries.
    • When Max came out, she wore a light pink tank top and pink track pants, supposedly her nightclothes.
    • She was wearing her nightclothes - a gray tee shirt and a pair of maroon pajama pants.
    • Walking over to her trunk, she pulled out her shirt, tunic and pants, slipping out of her nightclothes and into the new ones.
    • You should also carry an overnight bag with a change of play clothes, a swimsuit, nightclothes and diapers for each child so that you can make your kids comfortable immediately upon arriving.