Traducción de nightfall en Español:


anochecer, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnʌɪtfɔːl//ˈnaɪtˌfɔl/


  • 1

    anochecer masculino
    at nightfall al anochecer
    • we must reach the town before nightfall tenemos que llegar al pueblo antes de que anochezca / de que caiga la noche
    • We have a long days journey ahead of us, and I wish to reach home before nightfall.
    • Hal looked around at the unfamiliar place where they had spent the hours since nightfall.
    • Come nightfall, darkness embraces not only the relief camp but also the minds of the inmates.
    • By nightfall, several dozen boats will be out on the lake with their lanterns twinkling in the velvet darkness.
    • By nightfall more than a thousand mourners crammed the streets outside the main gates.
    • So he had begun to bang against the door, hoping against hope that he could get out before nightfall.
    • I was woken just before nightfall, by Erin sitting down on the bed I had conjured up.
    • At nightfall the trickster returned, and when the two men saw him, they turned their fury on him.
    • Like clockwork, the structures form in the afternoon and break down after nightfall.
    • By nightfall on Friday, the contrast in the faces of Donald and Garcia revealed much.
    • By nightfall, the British squad lay proudly on top of the medals table for Olympic rowing.
    • I reckon you can make it across the desert and back long before nightfall, if speed is your aim.
    • An hour later, after nightfall, he repassed the plantation, going northward in the direction from which he had come.
    • You are the reason why he left for so long, and didn't come back until nightfall.
    • They had to get out of the forest before nightfall, but the edge of the terrain was at least two days travel.
    • Turning back to the small window, he saw the small village he had been staring at since nightfall.
    • Looking out the window, the sun is low in the clear sky, but it's still a few of hours until nightfall.
    • At nightfall, the ceremony ended with a recorded train whistle sounding over loudspeakers.
    • At nightfall they got to within forty yards of the Aboriginal camp before the dogs detected them.
    • He looked upon the peasant girls face to see that even nightfall could not deter her curious nature.