Traducción de nightstand en Español:


mesa de noche, n.

(night table)


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    mesa de noche femenino
    mesita de noche femenino
    velador masculino América del Sur
    buró masculino México
    mesa de luz femenino Río de la Plata
    • Not being able to see in the dark, she turned on a small lamp there on a nightstand near the bedside.
    • She placed it back on her nightstand, and then pulled out the drawer from the small table.
    • Haley stood up and took her by the upper arm and over to the desk chair near the nightstand.
    • In a household with children or grandchildren, kitchen drawers and nightstands aren't ideal, either.
    • Leaving it on the bed, she dug around in the drawer of her nightstand for a pad of paper.
    • In one of the drawers of my nightstand is the gift which Miss Elving so kindly bestowed upon me.
    • I walked over to my bed and opened a drawer in the small night table next to it, looking for a gun.
    • Maple wood is used extensively for the room furnishings (armoire, nightstands, headboard and dressing table) as well as the crown molding in each ceiling.
    • Placed directly next to the cot was a night table.
    • She started with the drawer in the night table and found a few notes written between two people.
    • He slammed his coffee down on the nightstand and turned to face her, staring at her eyes.
    • Hastily, Cecilia put the crucifix back in the box and in the drawer on her nightstand.
    • She opened the drawer in her nightstand and quickly pulled out a small pistol.
    • There are similar pictures in living rooms, on desks and even on nightstands throughout the world.
    • Finally, I break away and lay back on the bed, extending my hand to the night table, fumbling to open the drawer.
    • It was of average size with an unmade bed sitting in one corner, a night table, two dressers, a bureau, a desk, a small TV, and a lot of posters on the wall.
    • He sits down on the edge of the mattress and opens a drawer in the night table, taking an envelope out.
    • He dug into his nightstand drawer, and pulled out a string of beads with a cross on it.
    • He shoves his hand into the drawer of the nightstand and flings a pack of Advil at me.
    • She wrinkled her nose in distaste as she placed her toiletries onto the night table.