Traducción de nightstick en Español:


porra, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnʌɪtstɪk//ˈnaɪtˌstɪk/



  • 1

    porra femenino
    • A minute and a half later, they began beating the marchers with bullwhips and nightsticks that day in 1965 on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
    • He unlocked the door, and two Springfield police officers pushed past him into the building, one still wielding the nightstick he'd used so effectively to break Anthony's trance.
    • Demonstrators surrounded a truck carrying police barricades, mounting it and waving banners and signs bearing antiwar slogans until police used nightsticks to force them off.
    • Later in the weekend, allegations of a CBC reporter being struck with a nightstick and of police dogs being set loose on protesters also emerged.
    • She watched with stunned horror as he lifted his nightstick again.
    • When the cops reached the crowd of students, they fired teargas into them, leapt from their motorcycles and brought their nightsticks crashing onto the bodies and heads of the young activists.
    • Pulling himself up off the ground, Robert sprinted over to the Boss and grabbed his hatchet, dropping his nightstick in the process.
    • Two of the injured teachers reported being dragged by their scalps while being pummeled by police using their nightsticks and shields.
    • There, the police would further suppress the hanging urge by physically breaking up the crowd with constantly moving nightsticks.
    • The police attacked the workers with rubber bullets, tear gas, smoke grenades, and nightsticks.
    • Citizens throughout the country saw newspaper photos and television broadcasts of attacks on peaceful protesters with nightsticks, tear gas, and police dogs.
    • Dozens were arrested; others were bloodied by bullets and nightsticks.
    • She is wearing a circular badge and carrying a nightstick.
    • Some who complained of being crushed were prodded with nightsticks, as other police contingents methodically closed off the rear of the march, leaving only narrow escape routes.
    • Most police officers carry a nightstick, with only designated officers carrying sidearms.
    • His fingers fumbled at the snap that held his nightstick to his belt.
    • The officers later knocked him to the ground and fell on him, and jabbed or clubbed him with nightsticks at least a dozen times over several minutes until he was handcuffed.
    • When he came out on the street, a phalanx of helmeted police with nightsticks out were marching towards him.
    • The guards saw their chance and rushed over to him, nightsticks in hand.
    • One of the guards stood there, holding his nightstick.