Traducción de nil en Español:


cero, n.

Pronunciación /nɪl//nɪl/



  • 1

    cero masculino
    we lost two nil perdimos por dos a cero
    • the score is three nil to United United va ganando por tres a cero
    • it was nilnil at half time al finalizar el primer tiempo iban cero a cero / iban empatados a cero
    • Although he played a very strong opponent he put up a strong fight but lost 2 games to nil.
    • The Academy started brightly and lead by two points to nil after five minutes.
    • Ballina led 9 - nil at half-time having played with the wind.
    • The under 16 boys lost three nil to Wexford Albion in the league.
    • They won by four goals to nil, with two goals scored in either half.
    • Bangalow should have put the game away but squandered a 2 - nil lead late in the game.
    • Players who bid nil are committed to winning no tricks themselves.
    • Vikings started strongly but were unable to convert and so the game was locked at nil all in the first half.
    • Newbridge were good value for their 15 points to nil half time lead.
    • After the home side led at the break by a goal to nil, the visitors scored two early goals at the start of the second half to put them in the driving seat.
    • A player who wanted to bid nil would do so at their turn to bid.
    • The reason I bring the story of Hectors bravery to the fore is because I have none, nil, not a drop.
    • Hosting Bangalow on Saturday they came away with a convincing 3 - nil victory.
    • Claremorris recorded a 3 - nil win over Kilmore in the Mayo senior league last Saturday evening.
    • The losers led by three points to nil at the change of ends, all of their scores coming from the boot of ace marksman John Sheehan.
    • We've been here half an hour already and there's been absolutely nil.
    • They were winning by eight points to nil until Ronan Conway scored the only goal of the game well into injury time.
    • Anyway, they beat us by one goal to nil scored by Roberto Carlos in the first half.
    • Michael Conroy made it two nil with a fine opportunistic point from play after gathering a Damian Munnelly free.
    • She played a starring role for the team in their recent 1 - nil win over Iceland.


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    he has nil support among the middle classes no tiene ningún apoyo entre la clase media
    • Like all ideas that involve huge spending today to save money tomorrow, it has been spent to nil effect.
    • The feedback is almost nil nowadays, and one does not want to flog a dead horse!
    • At this point his resistance to any request, no matter how strange, was practically nil.
    • Using two tanks will give you a range of around 100 miles in nil wind or much more if you fly downwind.
    • Our knowledge of Pappus's life is almost nil.
    • Simply open a new account and then arrange for a balance transfer to a card with a nil balance.
    • In both situations, they would have difficulty launching in nil wind.
    • Since there are no factories or workshops the demand for labour is almost nil.
    • A farmer is not regarded as charged to tax in those years if he had a farming loss, or if profits were nil due to stock relief.
    • Private ownership of cars, television sets, telephones, was virtually nil.
    • Thirty years ago, there were always two officers walking up and down the street and the crime rate was nil.
    • The results so far have been almost nil; the ground is extremely hard.
    • There is virtually nil slave trade and ivory is becoming harder and harder to get.
    • Would a nil return be appreciated for the Court?
    • There was nil wind on the ground, but I had a perfect two-stepper landing.
    • This situation, with such a trade balance and the high level of the current account, calls for a nil budget deficit.
    • Unlike losing golf balls, the chances of any further payments are virtually nil.