Traducción de nimbus en Español:


nimbo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɪmbəs//ˈnɪmbəs/

nombrePlural nimbi, Plural nimbuses

  • 1

    nimbo masculino
    nimbus masculino
    • As though a spell was spoken, a strong, chilling wind passed over the two and a large nimbus cloud blocked the Sun out.
    • Surely an overreaction, there was just the merest nimbus puff floating benevolently by as we left home - it looked a great Sunday for football.
    • By the dense nimbus above them, she could tell that a no ordinary rain was about to come.
    • A dull robin's egg-blue canvas, bearing ever-so-faint gray diagonal streaks that recall dark nimbus clouds, functions mainly as a visual texture.
    • A broken skein of clouds, outracing the birds underneath, abruptly halts, spins and dissolves into a moist nimbus.
    • Above the mighty fortress of earth, dark cumulous nimbus clouds clash violently against each other invoking the worst of all storms and hindering all whom dare to cross by air.
    • The Serengeti: under the lowering anvil nimbus, electric storms stutter on the horizon.
    • Her face, all her skin, was the color of the nimbus clouds on a calm summer afternoon.
  • 2

    nimbo masculino
    aureola femenino
    • Kira was laying, her head laying delicately on a rock, her hair splayed out around her head like a nimbus.
    • Sun worship was marked by the use of the halo, or nimbus, which originated with the pagan Greeks and Romans to represent their sun god, Helios.
    • In the third and fourth centuries, the halo or nimbus (Latin: ‘cloud’ or ‘mist’) was used only for Christ and the lamb.
    • This boy monk had a halo around him, a nimbus of purity, divinity, and godliness.
    • That we especially attend to, and emphasize, borders and boundaries is evidenced powerfully in our use of halos, the nimbus and the aura in the arts.