Traducción de nincompoop en Español:


papanatas, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɪŋkəmˌpup//ˈnɪŋkəmpuːp/



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    papanatas femenino coloquial
    the stupid nincompoop el muy pánfilo coloquial
    • When the audience looked at him, it saw a sniveling nincompoop.
    • And, as a reader recently suggested, it would allow movie watchers to gang up on the nincompoops who insist on chatting away on their cell phones during the show - if their cell phones are equipped with recorders.
    • The best it can do is take people's minds off it by producing wow-provoking new initiatives and making National look like a bunch of nincompoops.
    • I can wish that the Pope would do something almost no Pope has ever done: fire a bunch of bishops for being nincompoops.
    • We'd feel like nincompoops without our jackets and helmets.
    • Nothing will pierce the thick skins of the nincompoops that lord over us.
    • Costume rental shops report brisk business in trying to keep up with the insatiable demand of name-dropping nincompoops looking for funky fashions and gaudy gowns to wear for the event.
    • Reading such works, I am inclined to throw the egotistical nincompoops out the window - as this is frequently impossible, I content myself with throwing the relevant books across the room.
    • I'm not really surrounded by nincompoops, I know that.
    • Now wizened, and hopefully wiser too, he still is not able to leave an impression on anybody except two real nincompoops in the film.
    • It's great for you, too, because if your one guy is an ill-prepared nincompoop, then your whole country doesn't go down with him,’ she says.
    • For some people, this can be horrible, and certainly if you're not a nincompoop you'll be aware of this and try and manage your public presentation of personality accordingly.
    • The small hotel bar is one of the most uncomfortable places I have ever visited, and filled with the sort of shrill nincompoops that I would normally go to great lengths to avoid.
    • The responsibility for putting a nincompoop in charge of federal disaster relief doesn't rest with the nincompoop.
    • America felt more comfortable with a nincompoop, or at least a lot of those who voted did.
    • But it is fun to think of the worst American newsrooms as comprising a bunch of jerks working for an elite corps of nincompoops.
    • Or maybe you think I'm a crass, stupid, nincompoop?
    • Then of course there are curmudgeons like me who think it's a waste of time to invent something that helps nincompoops organize their recipes, play solitaire, or set a trap for a wireless mouse.
    • As a result, the Ministry of Works runs the very real risk of being labelled cowardly and managerial nincompoops for failing to see and act on glaring truths for fear of making an error.
    • At this point I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm some sort of sanctimonious horse's butt, preaching to all the nincompoops.