Traducción de nine en Español:


nueve, n.

Pronunciación /naɪn//nʌɪn/


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    nueve masculino
    (in baseball) equipo masculino
    see also four
    • Eight of the nine factions in the House expressed support for discussing the protocol with government officials.
    • The Tigers have made 24 league visits to York and in that series of games, City have won nine times, Hull eight with seven draws.
    • A four-block scheme of two two-bedroom and two three-bedroom houses can be erected in eight to nine days.
    • I think it is probable that if encouraged to do so, they would flower eight or nine months out of the twelve.
    • They were all jailed for between eight and nine years.
    • I ended up needing more yarn than quoted in the pattern - nine skeins instead of eight, which is a touch critical with a yarn like that.
    • The USA has given nine gifts, with eight coming from China.
    • On each of Peckwater's nine staircases there are eight suites of rooms consisting of a spacious sitting room, with two small bedrooms.
    • There are currently 13 Conservative councillors, eight Independents and nine Liberal Democrats.
    • Ten mice with the defect thrived after receiving the drug and never developed an arrhythmia, while eight out of nine untreated animals died.
    • Apparently, things are getting tense in central Auckland, as there have been nine contenders for eight frequencies.
    • Last season, he had four touchdowns and nine interceptions in eight games.
    • Finns drink twice as much as they did in 1970-the equivalent of more than nine litres of pure alcohol per person each year.
    • It's only classics that you've seen eight or nine productions of as a reviewer.
    • Although none of them feature on the leaderboard, it was a productive day for eight of the nine Scots who made the halfway cut.
    • Mainscale production has to be the key and we need to be thinking of eight or nine mainscale productions every year.
    • Eight of the nine town councillors present, voted to accept the proposed budget, presented by the finance committee.
    • At nine and eight years old respectively, both horses should be well equipped for the job, although the starting stalls might come as a bit of a shock.
    • According to the spokesperson, among those rescued were eight girls and nine women who have been held in the bush since 1996.
    • Bobby will be sitting to my left, to the congregation's right, and he will be approximately eight to nine rows back.


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    (invariable adjective) nueve
    nine out of ten people agree nueve de cada diez personas están de acuerdo