Traducción de no en Español:


Pronunciación /nəʊ//noʊ/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      they have no children no tienen hijos
      • the room has no windows la habitación no tiene ninguna ventana / no tiene ventanas
      • no flowers by request se ruega no enviar ofrendas florales
      • I am under no illusions no me hago ilusiones
      • no two people are exactly alike no hay dos personas exactamente iguales

    • 1.2

      they eat no meat no comen carne
      • there's no food left no queda nada de comida
      • there's no time for that now no tenemos tiempo para eso ahora
      • how can we cook with no electricity? ¿cómo vamos a cocinar sin electricidad?
      • it's no trouble no es ningún problema / ninguna molestia
      • no experience is necessary for this job no es necesario tener experiencia para este trabajo
      • it's no use crying no se saca nada con llorar

    • 1.3

      this cup has no handle esta taza no tiene asa
      • no building was left standing no quedó ningún / ni un edificio en pie
      • no intelligent person would do that ninguna persona inteligente haría eso

  • 2

    (in understatements)
    I'm no expert, but … no soy ningún experto, pero …
    • she has a good voice, but she's no Callas tiene buena voz, pero no es una Callas
    • it's no masterpiece, but it's well written no es ninguna obra maestra, pero está bien escrito
    • she told him what she thought in no uncertain terms le dijo lo que pensaba muy claramente
  • 3

    • 3.1(prohibiting, demanding)

      [ S ]no smoking prohibido fumar
      • [ S ]no dogs allowed no se admiten perros
      • off to bed and no arguing! ¡a la cama y sin chistar!

    • 3.2

      there's no pleasing/convincing some people no hay manera de complacer/convencer a cierta gente
      • there'll be no stopping them now ahora no hay quien los pare

  • 4

    (very little)
    it's no distance no queda muy lejos
    • I'll be finished in no time (at all) termino enseguida
  • 5uso criticado

    I don't need no doctor no necesito ningún médico
    • I ain't got no money no tengo dinero


  • 1

    my house is no larger than yours mi casa no es más grande que la tuya
    • please arrive no later than nine o'clock por favor lleguen a las nueve a más tardar / lleguen antes de las nueve
    • I no longer work for them no trabajo más para ellos
    • no fewer than 200 guests are expected se espera nada menos que a unos 200 invitados
    • no more than five people applied for the job solo cinco personas solicitaron el trabajo
    • he's no more a doctor than I am yo soy tan médico como él
  • 2literario

    like it or no, there are going to be changes quieras o no / quieras que no / te guste o no (te guste), habrá cambios


  • 1

    (negative reply)
    to say no decir que no
    • have you seen John? — no, I haven't ¿has visto a John? — no
    • can I go? — no, you can't ¿puedo ir? — no
    • Antwerp is in Holland — no, it isn't, it's in Belgium Amberes está en Holanda — no, está en Bélgica
    • would you like some coffee? — no, thank you ¿quieres café? — no, gracias
    • oh no, you don't! ¡eso sí que no!
    • no, that's not right: do it this way no, así no; se hace así
  • 2

    (expressing dismay)
    oh no, not again! ¡ay no, otra vez!
  • 3

    (expressing surprise, disbelief)
    I called him a liar — no! really? le dije que era un mentiroso — ¡no! ¿en serio?
  • 4literario

    (emphasizing negative statement)
    we will never return, no, never no vamos a volver nunca jamás

nombrePlural noes

  • 1

    (negative answer)
    no masculino
    • At the time of writing the score was four yeses (US, UK, Spain and Bulgaria) to five noes (France, Russia, China, Germany and Syria) with six doubtful.
    • For, among many other things, the French and Dutch votes were also noes to the consequences of enlargement and to the prospect of further enlargements.
    • Super-optimists suggest that, perhaps with some changes and reassurance from European leaders, the noes might be turned into yeses, like water into wine.
    • Since then, we've been arguing - sometimes bitterly - about the church's yeses and the noes to modernity and the liberal heritage.
    • The French noes and the British noes are the most incompatible of all.
    • Perhaps the editor feels that as a leading member of the ‘traditional left’ on Labour's national Executive, the critique of his string of noes runs a little close to home?
    • If one goes to the application book, volume 1, page 23, line 30, it can be seen that it is recorded that the result of the division, this is on the second reading: ayes 14 and noes 13.
    • ‘Yes’ may be easier on them in the short term, but a few more noes are far more effective in the long term.
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    voto en contra masculino