Traducción de no-nonsense en Español:


sensato, adj.

Pronunciación /nəʊˈnɒns(ə)ns//ˈˌnoʊ ˈnɑnˌsɛns/


  • 1

    (attitude/approach) sensato
    (approach/attitude) serio
    (management) firme y eficiente
    a five-year no-nonsense guarantee una sólida garantía por cinco años
    • Mr Berlyne has become known among his colleagues for his no-nonsense approach and dislike of form filling.
    • Known for his no-nonsense attitude George said he had directed the chief to put these police offices to work in the field.
    • What this team needs is a veteran coach with a no-nonsense approach who is ready to win now.
    • Your no-nonsense approach to life leaves you plenty of energy to focus on the important things.
    • Last year council boss Pete North grabbed the headlines with his no-nonsense approach.
    • Scott is a popular boss, well known for her no-nonsense approach to work and her wicked sense of humour.
    • Shennan has brought a no-nonsense approach, and the players seem to have taken to it.
    • It is this no-nonsense approach that has catapulted her to the top slot in the premier industrial forum.
    • Each one of these steps demonstrates a highly effective, no-nonsense approach.
    • Martin's no-nonsense approach to his work leaves little to the imagination.
    • The Laune Rangers man is a no-nonsense type of player and does the simple things well.
    • The band's no-nonsense approach to songwriting also applies to the way they perform on stage.
    • I like Rooney, I like his no no-nonsense approach to the game and his quiet demeanour off the pitch.
    • And he impressed the home crowd on his debut with his no-nonsense approach to winning the ball.
    • As an efficient, no-nonsense plan for a family house, it is hard to beat.
    • With her no-nonsense approach to life, Sandy is prolific and is equally adept with a pencil or a paintbrush in her hand.
    • Why has no one with an aggressive no-nonsense business vision emerged in South Africa?
    • It was his no-nonsense approach that got Australia back on track in the late Eighties.
    • What will they make of Colin and Rupinder's no-nonsense approach to life?
    • Potterton is described by his peers as a direct man, with a no-nonsense approach to business.