Traducción de noblewoman en Español:


noble, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnoʊb(ə)lˌwʊmən//ˈnəʊb(ə)lwʊmən/

nombrePlural noblewomen

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    noble femenino
    aristócrata femenino
    • Equally influenced by the nobility's strong tradition of partible inheritance, noblewomen shared men's overwhelming preference for naming immediate family members as heirs.
    • It would have looked slightly odd to an outsider, a noblewoman all but begging her brother's squire not to make her trudge through the woods after a mysterious cry.
    • Bishop Eadric's church was beginning to warm; several noblewomen, who stood obediently by their lords, fanned themselves.
    • Before, she had assumed that her life would be set in stone; she would marry a noble, live the sheltered life of a noblewoman, and bear children.
    • My father was a nobleman in England, and my mother was a noblewoman born in France, but had moved to England when she was a little girl.
    • Since he was of royal blood, the heir, his company was much sought after from all the young noblewomen.
    • The two noblewomen took off in a huff, flustered after their encounter with Ruby's wit.
    • After stepping into a cheap-looking time machine that seems to be made out of bathroom mirrors, they end up in the medieval days of yore and run around a lot trying to rescue him and save a noblewoman.
    • Whether the male aristocrat's mistress was a noblewoman or a performer, the affair certainly remained a display of patriarchal power.
    • We all, blushed, like respectable noblewomen should, but we waved back.
    • In 1634 a Portuguese noblewoman, presumably deranged by devotion, bit off the little toe of St Francis's right foot.
    • The book belonged variously to an English lady, a Scottish noblewoman and thereafter to members of the Stewart family and two notable antiquarians.
    • Widely considered one of the composer's most beautiful operas, The Abduction from the Seraglio tells the story of a noblewoman, Konstanze, who is kidnapped and taken to the Orient.
    • Many noblemen and noblewomen came with gifts but most people came with prayers for the princess.
    • Dinner was to be served at around nine, then after that, we were left to either wander around the tables to socialize with all the noblemen and noblewomen or to move into the ballroom again and dance.
    • The king then marries Marina, a Polish noblewoman who disguises her lust for power as passionate love.
    • A noblewoman bears children and raises them to be fine nobles.
    • The prince instantly spotted her, and refused to dance with anyone else for the entire evening, although he was curious that her hands were so rough; very unlike a noblewoman's.
    • Likewise, the status of the father determined that of the offspring; the children of a noblewoman who married a commoner would not be noble.
    • The wives of samurai, even noblewomen, were discouraged from learning more than a syllabary system for transcribing sounds and ideas, and most were incapable of reading texts that employed Chinese ideographs.