Traducción de nodule en Español:


nódulo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈnɒdjuːl//ˈnɑdʒul/


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    nódulo masculino
    • Ultrasound techniques classify nodules as solid or cystic in the belief that solid lesions might be malignant and cystic lesions benign.
    • This produces a deeper infection, in the form of pustules and nodules.
    • A thyroid nodule is a palpable swelling in a thyroid gland with an otherwise normal appearance.
    • Regional adenopathy, satellite lesions, and subcutaneous nodules can be present.
    • The subcutaneous nodule, 1.7 cm across, was excised under local anaesthetic.
    • These papules or nodules develop in areas that the patient can reach.
    • Leprosy is associated with symmetric skin lesions, nodules, plaques, and a thickened dermis.
    • It tends to appear as a papule or nodule with an epithelialized, pearly appearance, but may ulcerate in some cases.
    • The most common presentation for thyroid or salivary gland cancer is an asymptomatic nodule within the gland.
    • Her wrist and knee were warm, red, swollen, and tender, but she had no rashes or subcutaneous nodules.
    • Rashes with purpura, urticaria, and subcutaneous nodules are common.
    • Computed tomography showed a solitary nodule in the right lobe of the liver.
    • A computed tomography scan showed multiple nodules in the liver and bilateral pulmonary metastasis.
    • The clinical significance of these small nodules of Langerhans cells is not fully understood.
    • The most common presenting lesions are papules, vesicles, pustules, and nodules.
    • Except for her purulent, multifocal, subcutaneous nodules, she was generally in good health.
    • Metastases from cutaneous melanoma normally present as flesh coloured papules or nodules in the skin.
    • She already had hepatic involvement, and the subcutaneous nodules spread over the whole of her trunk.
    • This is seen in longstanding sarcoidosis, in which asymptomatic, violaceous nodules are seen on nose, fingers, and ears.
    • Endoscopy evaluation revealed an antral nodule, which was biopsied.
    • The most severe form of leprosy produces large disfiguring nodules, or lumps.