Traducción de noisome en Español:


fétido, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈnɔɪs(ə)m//ˈnɔɪsəm/



  • 1

    • He dived down a dark alley and ducked down behind a pile of crates and noisome garbage to catch his breath.
    • Here and across Europe it is the same: noisome, slimy things have crawled out of the sewers to oppress liberty and the human spirit.
    • Snyder loves George, and his noisome influence is behind this inexplicable choice.
    • The performance consists in a dinner where one eats haggis, a noisome dish to look at, but not unpleasant to eat, and drinks Athol Brose, a delicious drink, but insidious, composed of whisky, honey, cream and rum.
    • I have been experimenting with various means of disposing of these noisome critters, such as luring them with a trail of breadcrumbs into a dark closet and then murdering them with an axe.
    • But he gets paid to do this day in and day out, so I sort of understand why he continues being utterly noisome.
    • Walking seemed to be relaxing him slightly, for he could no longer feel his heart beating madly in his chest and the noisome feeling in his stomach had subsided.
    • He was ultimately bored for, even for him, the continuous coos of adoration could become quite noisome after the first thirty minutes.
    • Suddenly there are noisome odours on the breeze.
    • But surely there's a less noisome method of distributing cash than one in which innocent pedestrians are accosted by somebody not dissimilar to the last person to have mugged them?
    • Epidemical fevers and fluxes, which fill the ship with noisome and noxious effluvia, often break out, and infect the seamen likewise, and thus the oppressors, and the oppressed, fall by the same stroke.
    • After a brief sojourn in Salvador, the old capital, they proceeded to Rio de Janeiro, then a noisome slave port with narrow streets filled with rootling pigs and goats.
    • The bar was noisome and smelly, the stench of unwashed bodies and foul beer mingling with the rotten fish smell of the port.
    • You will need a calm retreat from the noisome fray.
    • She chased a small form into a shadowed alley full of garbage and more noisome things.
    • They saw in it a haven for traditional values that might, in time, restore their idealized America, now overrun by waves of immigration and noisome industrialization.
    • He did not know what it was, but it was a noisome sensation, like standing on a grate that you felt shift beneath your feet.
    • The President too was pressed into the service of this noisome charade.
    • I suspect that the deal would have seemed noisome had it been dragged into the warm sunlight of public scrutiny.