Traducción de none en Español:


ninguno, pron.

Pronunciación /nʌn//nən/


  • 1

    (not any, not one)
    I tried to get tickets, but there were none left traté de comprar entradas pero no quedaba ninguna / ni una
    • any objections? — none at all ¿tienes alguna objeción? — no, ninguna
    • none of us know / knows her ninguno de nosotros la conoce
    • none of my suggestions was / were accepted no aceptaron ninguna de mis sugerencias
    • we want none of your sarcastic comments guárdate tus comentarios sarcásticos
    • They have added to the traffic queues, indeed created queues at times and places where none existed before.
    • Other parties too have done the same thing in the past, but none was as effective as the BJP.
    • I have searched the shelves for either packet or tinned pumpkin soup but alas there is none!
    • Inventing a pattern where there is none is something that stories and conspiracy theories have in common.
    • I also did not like having my patience appreciated when I clearly had none.
    • We have already got a bank for bottles, plastic and clothes, but none for newspapers.
    • None of the deaths certified as due to old age was assessed by a necropsy, and none had a coroner's inquest.
    • There were none, except perhaps the slight lift of an eyebrow as he noticed Cory's gaze.
    • By 1946 there were none, as there were virtually none anywhere in Eastern Europe.
    • They asked for a reason why the prosecution was discontinued, but have been given none.
    • He had hoped to receive parking permits for residents but none were forthcoming.
    • I have no problem with the concept of publishing as a commercial enterprise; none whatever.
    • Mr Bradbury was later informed that the alcohol in his blood was under the limit - not that there was none.
    • There are a lot of his songs that I've grown attached to but none have been able to touch me like this song.
    • It's beginning to build an activist community in a city where previously there was none.
    • Despite the pledges and promises of money, none had actually materialised.
    • None of the interviewees were qualified to answer, since none were spokesmen for the NFU.
    • They are all inventive and attractive, though none make for instant easy listening, or playing.
    • Days went by, and the women had plenty of meat, but the old woman always told her son that there was none.
    • Hopefully there will be none because everyone else will be gobsmacked at your arrogance.
  • 2

    (no amount or part)
    did you buy any milk? there's none left ¿compraste leche? no hay más / se ha acabado
    • we wanted caviar, but there was none to be had queríamos caviar pero no había (por ningún lado)
    • does she have any experience? — none that I know of ¿tiene experiencia? — que yo sepa no
  • 3literario

    (no person, no thing)
    I fear none no le temo a nadie
    • Pearl's cream: there's none better crema Pearl: la mejor
    • Everybody is fully aware of this fact but none demonstrates determination to tackle it.
    • If Donie was the man of the match then there were heroes as well and none more so than goalie Colm Munnelly.
    • Not only did none of them show up, but none sent me as much as a postcard of good wishes.
    • Airport paramedics treated the injured passengers at the scene but none was thought to be seriously hurt.
    • Many others have rarely bothered and none has tried hard enough or often enough.
    • Later, 26 children and one teacher went to hospital, but none was seriously injured.
    • There will be none to deny that in the rich variety of its attractions it has few equals.
    • He said that so many people loved her and looked out for her, none more so than the owner and staff of Equinox.
    • None of the volunteers reported discomfort, and none experienced cutaneous irritation.
    • To my sorrow and sadness nobody recognized me and there was none to honour me as your lover at your gate.
    • Yet none imaged that a man so full of life would meet such an untimely death.
    • Many people have been affected deeply by his passing but none more so than his immediate family.
    • Police said there were three casualties, but none had suffered anything more than minor injuries.
  • 4uso criticado

    I don't get along with none of my family de mi familia no me llevo bien con nadie


  • 1none the not, in no way (with comparative)

    he looks none the better for his vacation las vacaciones no parecen haberle hecho nada de bien
  • 2EEUU uso criticado

    (with negative) nada
    it didn't hurt none no me dolió nada