Traducción de nonessential en Español:


secundario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌnɑnəˈsɛn(t)ʃ(ə)l///


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    no esencial
    • Chief executive Ged Curran said it was a challenge to strike the right balance between a low council tax and keeping non-essential services.
    • Added to this is a general feeling of economic uncertainty - with military action looming and Wall Street unsettled, Americans are adopting a cautious view towards non-essential spending.
    • The doctors attended a rally outside the hospital to vote for bans on non-essential paperwork.
    • Hospital bosses are ruling out any expenditure on non-essential items between now and the end of March, to ensure that they can come in on budget.
    • Under reforms to the pharmaceutical industry's code of conduct, all non-essential hospitality will be axed.
    • The city's officials have failed to see that ‘easy’ jobs are not necessarily non-essential jobs.
    • ‘This is all really about dissuading unnecessary or non-essential journeys,’ he says.
    • The City of Saskatoon requires residents to stop using water in all non-essential activities such as washing clothes, washing cars, showering, and watering lawns and gardens.
    • The current restrictions mean there's no air conditioning allowed and from 1pm to 7pm each day you're not allowed to use non-essential services.
    • Much of the savings in these areas will be the result of not only reducing non-essential services but also redesigning systems utilizing sophisticated technology and cross-training of staff.
    • This week authorities imposed a two-week ban on anyone donating blood after visiting a country affected by SARS and a 10-day ban on going to hospital for non-essential treatment.
    • The World Health Organisation lifted its April 2 travel warning against non-essential travel to Hong Kong, one of the world's worst hit regions, on May 23.
    • In June, Italy suffered its first blackouts in 20 years after a heatwave pushed the electricity system close to collapse and the government urged Italians to cut back on non-essential electricity use.
    • The United States may withdraw non-essential staff from its embassy in Indonesia because of increasing concerns about the security of its citizens, well-placed sources say.
    • Last week, about 200 non-essential workers were evacuated from an oil facility near Port Harcourt, the flashpoint of recent unrest and the hub of Nigeria's oil production and exports.
    • Mr Crow said: ‘They need to stop having this attitude, saying these are non-essential staff.’
    • Mr Dillon stressed that the Trust must consider strict controls over the filling of vacancies and other measures including reducing expenditure on travel, training and non-essential maintenance.
    • A spokeswoman added: ‘Evacuation of non-essential personnel will continue as a matter of prudence, leaving a crew on board to resume the tow.’
    • Strict controls have already been introduced on non-essential staff recruitment at York Hospital, and the purchase of office equipment, furniture and computer software has been halted in a bid to fill the funding gap.
    • Apparently, the practice has become so commonplace that some producers and directors now require non-essential production staff to turn their backs to contestants during competitions.