Traducción de nonparty en Español:


independiente, adj.

Pronunciación /nɑnˈpɑrti//nɒnˈpɑːti/


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    que no pertenece a ningún partido político
    • He said a mixed composition of party and non-party members could speed up the investigation and provide independent and fair opinion.
    • Australia currently is home to more non-party Independent parliamentarians than any other comparable country.
    • Retake the Streets is an independent non-party group opposed to cars, lorries and washing.
    • Putting together the estimates of the various party and non-party groups, I got a total of somewhere between 40,000 and 50,000.
    • Doctors for Reform claims to be ‘an independent, non-party group’.
    • ‘It's going to be run on non-party political lines,’ John O'Farrell, director of the campaign, said.
    • It is a non-profit making, non-party political organisation, funded by its member companies which employ about four million people between them.
    • He was referring to the practice in the United States where non-party figures may nominate themselves by producing support from a number of people.
    • At the end of 1902 she founded the non-party Women's Political and Educational League which, at its peak, had branches state-wide.
    • It is difficult to understand or defend the exemption of non-party citizens.
    • We are a broad-based, non-party political group of York citizens dedicated to fighting the Coppergate II proposals, and calling on the Secretary of State to open a public inquiry on the issue.
    • In addition, independent non-party members received €16,288 in donations.
    • But some consultants fear that such ideological non-party organizations flourishing could be problematic.
    • Our established, non-party political forum has members in Shipley, as in the rest of Bradford.
    • The event is a non-party political event and party political banners or placards are discouraged.
    • Waterford Against Racism is a voluntary and non-party political organisation made up of refugee and asylum seekers, as well as local human rights, trade union and political activists.
    • Arnold was in short the very exemplar of the detached if benevolent observer and adviser, the non-party independent.
    • However, a vacancy caused by the resignation of a non-party councillor is subject to standing orders agreed by the council.
    • ‘He claims that it is not fair to the non-party, anti-divorce lobbies,’ Johnston wrote.
    • The non-party councillor got 1790 votes and was elected on the first count having exceeded the quota by 690 votes.