Traducción de nonperson en Español:


Pronunciación /ˌnɑnˈpərsən///


  • 1

    (in totalitarian regimes)
    persona cuya existencia es negada oficialmente
  • 2

    (unimportant person)
    persona insignificante femenino
    • Contemporary law classified married and under-aged women as non-persons, their identities being subsumed under that of their husband or father.
    • It was like I was a non-person and it left me feeling quite disgusted and upset.
    • There is a real danger that immigrants may become non-persons in modern Ireland, leading to their marginalisation.
    • I have not talked to him and as far as I'm concerned he is a non-person.
    • But Cornelia Rau's sister says Government policy must now be carefully managed to ensure non-citizens aren't simply treated as non-persons.
    • That fact is relevant only if embryos are non-persons.
    • Trotsky had been declared a non-person and left radicalism had experienced a macabre renaissance in the form of the so-called Third Period of class struggle propagated by the Stalinist-dominated Comintern since 1928.
    • The student becomes a non-person in the group and either has to find a new organization or gives up aikido altogether.
    • They were not allowed to vote because they were considered sub-rational non-persons!
    • Newt Gingrich, who defined the Republican Party in the '90s, was a non-person at this convention.
    • They arrived, if they did arrive, utterly separated from their homelands and families, non-persons who were to be useful only for their work.
    • If Colmes remains largely a non-person in progressive circles, his tendency to concede points to the right and criticize the left make him the favorite liberal of many conservatives.
    • But to Steve, he was apparently invisible, a non-person of the high school world.
    • When that's gone, you start to feel like you're becoming a non-person.
    • Can you give us a glimpse into what it is like to have become a non-person amongst your former community?
    • That law allowed slave owners to kill their slaves, as the rights of life, liberty, and freedom do not extend to non-persons.
    • The 16 year old was a non-person to Ken; simply an arguing point.
    • Although the case was dismissed, deprived of passport, he became a non-person.
    • Rumfoord didn't take him seriously, since he considered him a non-person better off dead.
    • Widows were considered burdens upon the community and family and they became non-persons.