Traducción de nonprofit en Español:


sin fines lucrativos, adj.

(British non-profitmaking)

Pronunciación /ˌnɑnˈprɑfɪt//nɒnˈprɒfɪt/


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    sin fines lucrativos
    sin fines de lucro
    • Despite having the support of a dozen non-profit organizations, the city denied the request.
    • Are you involved in a local or national non-profit or public interest organization?
    • Some artworks are lent to government offices and non-profit organizations for display.
    • Lees obtained grants from three non-profit organizations to cover most of the costs.
    • We are essentially a non-profit organization, so we cannot afford pay editors in cash.
    • It appears to me that a brush with failure can be good for public and non-profit institutions.
    • I am a volunteer and board member at a non-profit organization called Women AWARE.
    • The right person could create a non-profit organization to raise money for a library overhaul.
    • As a health worker in a non-profit foreign organization she was able to move to New York.
    • As a non-profit organization, we depend on readers like you to make our work possible.
    • It is organised as a non-profit charity with a priority placed on inclusion and education.
    • We're also a non-profit organization and that move would put us right into the profit zone.
    • The United Way is a non-profit organization focussed on people's needs in our community.
    • She is in the process of registering a non-profit organization to begin fund raising for the project.
    • PAWS is a non-profit organization with the aim of making a positive difference.
    • Most business and non-profit organizations are not simple, clearly bounded entities.
    • He believes that the role of non-profit organizations should be strengthened and expanded.
    • The Cuckoo Fair is non-profit-making and benefits a range of local charities.
    • They may do it more often, but non-profit public interest organizations do it as well.
    • Members hope money will come once the group is registered as a non-profit organization.