Traducción de nonproliferation en Español:


no proliferación, n.

Pronunciación ///ˌnɑnprəˌlɪfəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    no proliferación femenino
    before noun nonproliferation treaty tratado de no proliferación masculino
    • As a first step, Labor will commission a new and independent assessment of non-proliferation and disarmament strategies.
    • One thing is absolutely sure: in the matter of genetics, like the Internet and nuclear non-proliferation, no country can go it alone.
    • In this context, I would also like to reiterate that India's track record in nuclear non-proliferation is impeccable.
    • ‘This would end nuclear non-proliferation worldwide, and leave us much less secure than we are today,’ the senator said.
    • Adapting the traditional non-proliferation and arms control regimes to the changing world will hardly be an easy process.
    • Some agreements, whether on naval matters in the 1930s or on nuclear non-proliferation since 1945, have been criticized as inherently discriminatory.
    • The government must seize the initiative and begin revamping the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
    • A new nuclear non-proliferation policy begins with the principle that we can no longer keep the nuclear genie in the bottle.
    • It would be the end of any nuclear non-proliferation agreement.
    • For example, we should still pay attention to human rights, non-proliferation, free trade, and democracy.
    • Other issues include non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
    • It is still the world community's general desire and priority to settle urgent non-proliferation problems by political and diplomatic methods.
    • We agree with Holdstock and Waterston that all efforts must be made for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
    • The importance of the active non-proliferation strategy should grow in a stable and predictable world order.
    • He put heart and soul into negotiating the 1968 non-proliferation agreement.
    • This makes the problem of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction highly topical.
    • Nuclear non-proliferation was generally considered a desirable objective by most of the states that signed the NPT.
    • Military intervention, he argued, can hardly serve as an instrument of enforcing nuclear non-proliferation.
    • This would seem to undermine the whole idea of nuclear non-proliferation.
    • In addition to starting up its nuclear reactors, it has expelled UN inspectors and is withdrawing from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.